Why FONE Blockchain is (most likely) SCAM

By Domifidsch | Playtoearn Reviews | 1 Jan 2023

Hi everyone.

I'm in the crypto space for almost 4 years now. Along my way I discovered happyness and pain. While targeting to grow a little wealth I have tried a lot of so called Play to earn games, traded and also invested.

A few months ago I discovered this article about FONE, former Phoneum here on publish0x written by Omikusela, and someone I know from another project on wax

For everyone who doesn't want to read by himself. Here is a little summary:
Basically you do little microtasks and watch ads to earn FONE coins. You can stake them and download several other apps of that nework to earn more. And you can also pay weekly to get a big extra amount of FONE.

So far so good. But as I started to investigate about the coin and the Team I discovered some red flags that really concerned me about the project.

1. Before rebranding to FONE the coin was called Phoneum and had a supply of 5 Billion. After it was suddenly 10 Billion.

2. The roadmap of the coin is mostly useless because the developers refuse to stick to it.

3.The "Team" behind it ( I think it's only one person) is nearly not responding to the community. If they do it's usually copy and paste text that they take to answer everyone.

4.The games you play to earn fone are more or less just forcing you to watch ad after ad.

5. Just before Christmas 2022 FONE announced their own Blockchain. It was running on Solana before and surprise surprise... Now the supply went to 20! Billion.

That's my first article here but I really wanted to spread the Information i got to maybe prevent someone in investing into this.

My advice is: Stay away from that project. There are so many better ones out there.

Have a good year 2023 everyone and feel free to comment and discuss with me

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