By Domifidsch | Playtoearn Reviews | 19 Apr 2023

As we all know and most of us already experienced, nearly EVERYTHING related to crypto games, NFTs and play to earn crashed extremely during the last bear market.

After a huge boom in 2020 and especially 2021 even the most promising projects out there lost up to 95 percent of their value during only 1 year.

But finally we see some hope on the horizon and with the rising market in general, it seems like we are also about to see a new hype into Cryptogames and Blockchain gaming during the upcoming years.



One of the most famous, oldest and best known projects out there is ALIEN WORLDS.IO. I'm sure you are already familiar with the gaming concept, where you basically just try to claim some TLM whenever your game nfts are ready to do so. 


As I have been able to claim about 1000 TLM in about 2 Years I recognized a huge increase of my earnings during the last two days. I'm used to earn about 2 TLM per day which usually results in 50 TLM per month, because I'm sometimes lazy and forget to claim. This changes two days ago. 



In the last 24 hours i suddenly earned 50 TLM with a value of about 15 WAX. If you are playing already this could be your chance to get a cheap entry into good nfts while earning back your investment pretty fast. Of course it's possible that this huge mining success at the moment will only last for a short period of time but I will keep an eye on it and of course will keep you updated.



If you have further information about the huge returns please drop a comment and inform us. 


Leave a follow if you are interested to get more news about my mining experience with Alien worlds. 


Have a good week and stay healthy


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Playtoearn Reviews
Playtoearn Reviews

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