68.36 USD earned in two weeks - Splinterlands Earnings Report

By handtalk5 | Play-to-Earn | 28 May 2021

I had this article written and ready for publishing and originally wanted to track income and price development from all channels and assets. Then came the great crash and I was busy reconsidering my position, ending up selling all of my crypto collection making only exceptions for the dApps I’m using (SplinterlandsHIVE, WAX).

I deleted most of the post and what was left was the Splinterlands, rewards section. I did not divest from Splinterlands and I am as active as ever in the game, so I would like to at least share those and give others an insight into what can be expected from investing into the game.

Tracking started on Friday May 14th which is why I am posting today to have two-weeks statistics. If I remember to start tracking on June 1st, there may be another report in July covering a whole month.


What did I earn?

The following list includes DEC from winning battles and all daily quest and season rewards I earned from playing. To be fully transparent here: I am playing two accounts. My main account uses max level monsters, has a market value of 7,200 USD and finishes the season in Champions league (Champion 3 lately, used to make it up to 2 when I had more time for the game). My alt is a gold card account with gold league levelled summoners, is worth 1,700 USD and finished the seasons in Diamond 3.

I did not build the accounts with ROI in mind, so it should be possible to reach the mentioned leagues with a considerably lower investment but to get anywhere near these results you would still have to put in a couple thousand USD.

  • DEC: 11,329 DEC x 0.00089 USD= 10.08 USD
  • Alchemy Potions: 53 (unvalued)
  • Legendary Potions: 66 (unvalued)
  • Untamed Packs: 6 packs x 1.59 USD = 9.54 USD

Reward Cards:

  • 6x Barking Spiders x 0.025 USD = 0.15 USD
  • 5x Undead Rexx x 0.025 USD = 0.15 USD
  • 11x Warrior of Peace x 0.023 USD = 0.25 USD
  • 1x Warrior of Peace GOLD x 0.70 USD = 0.70 USD
  • 4x Nectar Queen x 0.042 USD = 0.16 USD
  • 3x Phantasm x 0.022 USD = 0.06 USD
  • 6x Chain Spinner x 0.027 USD = 0.16 USD
  • 7x Flame Monkey x 0.045 USD = 0.32 USD
  • 7x Ant Miners x 0.031 USD = 0.21 USD
  • 2x Demented Shark x 0.048 USD = 0.10 USD
  • 9x Wave Runner x 0.026 USD = 0.23 USD
  • 6x Nightmare x 0.055 USD = 0.33 USD
  • 11x Charlok Minotaur x 0.033 USD = 0.36 USD
  • 7x Sand Worm x 0.184 USD = 1.29 USD
  • 1x Sand Worm GOLD x 2.38 USD = 2.38 USD
  • 6x Harvester x 0.045 USD = 0.27 USD
  • 4x Temple Priest x 0.10 USD = 0.40 USD
  • 4x Captain’s Ghost x 0.14 USD = 0.56 USD
  • 2x Efreet Elder x 0.183 USD = 0.37 USD
  • 4x Fineas Rage x 0.137 USD = 0.55 USD
  • 4x Silvershield Sheriff x 0.082 USD = 0.32 USD
  • 3x Dark Ferryman x 0.118 USD = 0.35 USD
  • 1x Gloridax Soldier x 0.054 = 0.05 USD
  • 2x Grim Reaper x 0.078 USD = 0.16 USD
  • 2x Centauri Mage x 0.078 USD = 0.16 USD
  • 1x Kelp Initiate x 0.08 USD = 0.08 USD
  • 2x Evangelist x 0.37 USD = 0.74 USD
  • 1x Torhilo the Frozen x 0.39 USD = 0.39 USD
  • 1x Axemaster x 2.30 USD = 2.30 USD
  • 1x Kretch Tavellor x 0.398 USD = 0.40 USD
  • 1x Almo Cambio x 9.00 USD = 9.00 USD
  • 2x Ancient Lich x 3.99 USD = 7.98 USD
  • Earnings by renting out cards on Peakmonsters: 12.268 HIVE + 0.265 HBD = 5.78 USD
  • WAX earned from NFT tournament prize sales: 74.52 WAX x 0.1619 USD = 12.06 USD

Total earned: 68.36 USD

Wow! So much money from playing a trading card game! I remember collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! as a child. Ate up my entire allowance without giving me any returns and nowadays I don’t even know where the cards are. Different times.

One thing I would like to point out is, that if you intend to not invest (that much) in the game, you should still try it. It’s a fun game just for the gameplay and you would still earn rewards, even if significantly smaller ones.

Pro-tip: The 10 USD for the summoner’s spellbook can easily be earned back by creating content for the @splinterlands social media or battle challenges on the HIVE blockchain. 3-4 posts should be enough, the voting power of their account is enormous.

Take a look at my last Splinterlands related post! I did not even include this in my earnings calculation.



Rising Star

Ok, I lied. There’s another game that made it into this post and it’s Rising Star. This game is delivering awesome returns even without requiring an initial investment. I grinded the game a lot and am now level 55. My only investment in the game was 2 USD for a 100 fan booster to get access to better missions after I signed up (not required, but made things easier). While tracking my Splinterlands rewards, I also wrote down how much Starbits I earned and ended up with the result of:

43,000 Starbits x 0.00011 USD = 4.73 USD

I am convinced that this game will live up to its name. They are delivering new cards and updates after updates. Wait until more people learn how much earning potential this game has for it to start rising in the dApp charts.


Disclaimer: No financial advice included in this article. Just sharing my personal experience. Do your own research!

Some links in the article might be referral links, feel free to use other sign-up methods.

Images courtesy of Unsplash.com / screenshots taken myself.

This is a re-published version from my account on the HIVE blockchain

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