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Arc8 Guide - One of the best play to earn and free to play game on Polygon

Arc8 is a polygon blockchain game that consists of playing certain waged mini games to earn GAMEE (Arc8's native token) tokens. The best part, however, is that the game is also free to play, in contrary to many other successful blockchain projects.


GAMEE - GAMEE is Arc8's native token that is earned, traded, and used for waging against others.

OMP - OMP is a utility token used for breeding GBOT NFT's (More info later)

Credits - Credits is an off-chain currency that is used to enter in practice matches and free tournaments (More info later). Credits are completely free and can be earned from doing daily challenges and practice waged matches against others.


Match basics:

Arc8 is a game where you wager GAMEE tokens in matches against other people. If you win the match, then you will be awarded with your waged tokens back and 90% of the opponent's waged tokens. If you lose the match, however, you will be forced to pay the opponent 80% of your waged tokens. The 20% will go to the Arc8 team.

All of the mini games go by a point system. The person with the higher points by the end of the mini game will be the winner. If they have the same, then it will be a draw and 100% of all tokens with be awarded back to each participant.


Arc8 allows you to earn through playing in not only wagers, but also in tournaments. Tournament entries usually range from 1-2 GAMEE or 10-20 credits. This is also one way free to play players can potentially earn in this game. However, credit entry tournaments usually give lower prizes while GAMEE entry ones give much higher prizes. This makes it an inefficient way for free to play players to earn from this game. Tournaments can be based on any mini game that Arc8 has, so make sure you only do the tournaments that is about the game you are good at.

Practice Matches:

Practice matches in Arc8 use Credits instead of GAMEE tokens to play. They work exactly like normal GAMEE waged matches, but with the only exception of being risk free. Like GAMEE waged matches, the winner takes their credits back and 90% of the opponent's waged matches. I highly recommend to first practice with practice matches to make sure you will be prepared to wage GAMEE tokens against others.

GBOT NFT's and Matches:

Like most blockchain-based games, Arc8 has its own set of NFT's called GBOTs. The floor price currently is around 9$ in ETH for a poor GBOT. You can also breed two GBOTs using OMP. Once you obtain a GBOT, you will have access to two GBOT exclusive mini-games (Dark Lords and Energy Wars). Both of which grant higher leaderboard rewards than free ones.

Leaderboard Earnings:

For each game win of each respective mini-game, you will gain medals/trophies that is used to rank up that respective mini-game's leaderboard. Based on the rank for each season, you will receive a cut of the GAMEE token prize pool. This method is great for earning as a free to play player, as it requires very little GAMEE tokens to start ranking up the leaderboard. The initial GAMEE tokens can be earned through basic quests.


Personally, I feel like Arc8 is a great project. Even during the current bear market, it managed to hold out strong and keep most of its token's value in comparison to others. Unlike most Play to Earn games, Arc8 is 100% skill based and it has a loyal player base to back it up. With not even the bear market holding Arc8, I do not see how it could fail (Anytime soon)




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