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By suxi | Play to Earn Therapy | 20 Jun 2021

A few months ago, I started on BetFury whose generous faucet and wager-based BFG token mining won me over with their concept of daily dividend. The arrival of the Biswap platform in the equation makes the games even more attractive by pushing the door of DeFi with a partnership in my opinion executed to perfection. Assuming that I don't want to invest my own funds in a casino-type experience, here is how I proceeded to make the most of this adventure ...


1. Faucet: the magic of free chests.

And yes, faucet is for me the ideal gateway and above all without the risk of starting on the platform.

Every 20 minutes you can collect Bnb and Btc to prepare the following operations. You also have the possibility of earning 10% interest with 30 days "locked" boxes on certain tokens if you wish to invest a few coins.

2. Now is the time to bet!

The time has come to gambling on the platform's gaming tables and "mine" your BFG tokens. The principle is simple, lose your bet as slowly as possible…. Yes, you read that correctly, you will most likely lose all your previously earned coins but it does not matter because the objective is elsewhere: generate BFG as much as possible.

Some will recommend the Dice, others the Plinko etc ... you can try various strategies such as the martingale but as the saying goes "it is always the bank that wins" and therefore your mission is that it wins the later possible.

Personally, I have a small preference for the dice because it's give me the best results and the balance could remain positive over time if you are not too greedy once your liquidity is high enough .

3. Tokens and dividends, the start of a bigger adventure.

Over the days you will generate a little more BFG, the magic will begin to operate as soon as you have 10BFG.

Indeed, once this level is reached, BetFury pays you a daily dividend in proportion to your number of BFGs. To this they also add a cashback on your bets and if you have a few referrals on the platform a small additional source will complete the whole.

Now the "serious" things will be able to begin!

4. Partnership and Listing, the opportunity that changes everything!

A few days ago BetFury and Biswap formalized their sacred union with an airdrop on the BetFury platform of BSW tokens, then a listing of the BFG on the Binance Smartchain and finally the creation of a liquidity pool on Biswap with rather indecent APYs and more. 900%.
Finally, just to motivate the troops a little more, a small trading competition is currently being launched on Biswap.

5. The choice of a strategy, an orientation to watch ...

For the circle to be closed, we must therefore choose a strategy according to our objectives. Some will want to get more dollars, others more from BSW or BFG etc ... The possibilities are endless with this entry into the world of DeFi.

To date, I have chosen to distribute my earnings according to the following model:

- 25% BSW Launchpool APR 650% staking

- 25% Liquidity Pool BFG-BSW APR 58.93%

- 25% USDT / BNB swap ...

- 25% BetFury Dividend.


And you ? What will your strategy be?
Happy Farming to All!

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Play to Earn Therapy
Play to Earn Therapy

Welcome on my play to earn therapy with a little touch of NFT's and Faucet experimentation. I love free crypto and so share my test with all of us. Kiss from Bask Country. Suxi

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