My Recent Earnings for Alien Worlds

Recently I've been playing the Wax Blockchain game Alien Worlds and noticed the earnings have gone up from a low 0.08 TLM to a high 0.55 TLM. This week, my earnings per mine have been around 0.55 TLM which is about 8.25 TLM or 16 cents per hour. This is a substantial boost in earnings given how quickly I can mine again. 

My setup is currently two Advanced TDs and one gold standard shovel which has the following tool and land stats below.

Charge time - 4 minutes.

Mining Power - 9.60%

NFT Power - 0.40

Proof of Work Reduction - 4 

I usually mine at a Geothermal Springs, with a commission of 1% to maximize my earnings. I am certain if I had the explosives tool then I would possibly be able to get 5 TLM per mine since my mining power would cap at 100%. 

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Play to Earn Games Earnings and Guides

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