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Immersys For Newbies Part 1

So you have downloaded Immersys and connected your wallet to the game, but you do not know or have key knowledge in the game to get started. You see someone with a top hat and ask if they can bestow wisdom on the land. To which they respond by throwing this article at you. 


Starting The Game

Launch Immersys and connect to your Wax Wallet through the game. After connecting your wallet to obtain NFTs, please adjust your graphics accordingly to not crash your game upon launch. It is a very demanding game and I tend to stick with the lowest of settings. Once everything is set, launch the game. 



You spawn in and find yourself mysteriously in space, alone, trapped, and wait, why do I have no shirt? There is not really much to do here except to walk through the first portal. The other portal in the room requires an expensive NFT to go past. 


Second Spawn

Again not much here either. All you need to do is walk directly straight into the next portal. There is a shop here where you can buy starter tools using FATE tokens, but most are at a base price of 55,000 FATE. If you eventually want a tool then save up for the axe. Woodcutting is the best way to earn FATE in the game since it has the highest conversion rates. 


The Wild

Upon walking through the 2nd portal, you will see a bunch of trees, stone to your right and bushes. Welcome to the area that you will be at for possibly the end of time. There are more areas to explore and better places to collect resources, but for now stick with this zone. The starting area has plenty of bushes around is a great place to farm Hemp. All of the resources will regenerate after collection, but it does take time for it to happen. 


Collecting Hemp

Walk up to your nearest bush and start collecting Hemp. Do this until an NFT of Hemp drops then farm some more. Upon collection the game will tell you what NFT was collected and that it was sent to your Wax Wallet automatically. You will be here for a while and this is the easiest way to earn without investing anything into the game. 

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