Rollercoin: What to mine after the new era

After the new era rrived, Rollercoin received a massive wave of new users hoping to find a good place in the ranking and mine as much crypto as it is poisble. Because of all the new features in the game and all the new opportunities to grow, is making a lot of competition because of the mining power. It has increased a lot if you can see it in the charts, every crypto mining power pool has being going up since they updated the site. What this causes is making it a lot harder to mine more crypto.

I´m going to make some calculations all based around 100Th/s. With all of the calculations, we´re going to be able to see what is more efficient to mine now to date. I´m going to show only the results because of stetics and don´t wanting this to extend further into the mathematics.


  • Per Th/s: 0,000002738243954 RLT
  • Per block with 100Th/s: 0,0002738243954 RLT
  • 3652 blocks mined for 1 RLT
  • 25.4 days


  • Per Th/s: 0,0000000000356971915 BTC
  • Per block with 100Th/s: 0,00000000356971915 BTC
  • USD per block: $0,0001557254281996
  • 7563 blocks mined for 1 RLT
  • 52.5 days


  • Per Th/s: 0,000004794039069 DOGE
  • Per block with 100Th/s: 0,0004794039069 DOGE
  • USD per block: $0,0001155655852012209
  • 10215 blocks mined for 1 RLT
  • 70.9 days


  • Per Th/s: 0,0000000007810213616 ETH
  • Per block with 100Th/s: 0,00000007810213616 ETH
  • USD per block: $0,0002312932280669472
  • 5084 blocks mined for 1 RLT
  • 35.3 days

In resume with this 4 lists, if you´re going to withdraw your earnings, mine Ethereum, but have in mind the high withdrawal fees. But if you´re going to mine for upgrading your gear, keep mining RollerToken, it´s still the most profitable of all the current options.

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Play games, mine crypto with rollercoin

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