Rollercoin: The new era arrived

The new era of Rollercoin just got anounced and it´s getting implemented in the webpage at this moment. With it comes a lot of new thing that we were not expecting at all, this different features would help the players to gain more power. They anounced in their Facebook page, that the website would be under development in the next few hours, when they launch it, it´s going to be wild and I´m going to explain to you why, if you haven´t started playing yet, this is the best moment for joining the community.

They´re going to have a season pass... you´re right, just like Fortnite and many other games that implements this, you´d be able to level up and get some prizes for that, the season pass is at the time 149.99 RLT, but you can get some stuff for free, it would work as it does in Fortnite which has some rewards for free 2 play gameplay but another one for those who want to purchase it and get a more things. 

This feature was expected, a new market, but we don´t know if we´d be able to sell miners to another players or trade with them, for what I think, that is not going to be implemented yet, the new shop includes new miners, daily offers, room skins (decoration), miners collection and some more things that didn´t get announced. I really hope that they implement the marketplace, since it could be a very big opportunity to make a shop kind of like Axie Infinity.

The final feature they announced to develop this update, are the weekly tasks which would give you xp for the season pass and who knows if it would give more things away, or maybe they can do like special tasks, there can be a lot of possibilities.

If you haven´t started to play Rollercoin, join here and start mining crypto while playing, you´d get 1000 satoshis for registering with my link below:

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Play games, mine crypto with rollercoin

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