Rollercoin: Gaming rebalance update

Rollercoin: Gaming rebalance update

With the new era of Rollercoin, a lot of players have been joining the community, but some of those are unfair players or as better known in the gaming community, cheaters. This cheaters found a way to avoid the security system and reCaptcha to get a lot of points in some of the games, like Coin-Flip, Coin-Match and Coinclick, they abused this games to make a lot of points with a bot or something, I don´t really know. The developers found out about this and decided to release a patch today, modifying the amount of points you get in some games. The honest players, got rewarded, because the developers found out too which games were the most played by them and decided to boost the amount of points for some games, this are the changes for this update:

  • Coin-Flip: -60%
  • Token Blaster: +60%
  • Coin-Match: -20%
  • Cryptonoid: +35%
  • Coinclick: -10%
  • Crypto Hamster: +15%

This makes it a lot easier to obtain power from games that we already played and gave so much power such as Cryptonoid and making some games playable again like Token Blaster. Some new strategies would be coming up in the next blogs.

They also told us about the limited miners in the daily offers, these miners would only be available in daily offers, you can check them out in the collections and click on them to see if they are going to be just for daily offers. In the post was mentioned that more limited miners would be coming soon, plus they mention also something about a miner called The Scam miner and they say is not going to be obtainable in the store, but don´t say anything about how to get it. Do you have something in mind? Leave it in the comments and we could figure something out.

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Play games, mine crypto with rollercoin

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