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Cane Corso Italiano

By Marekiaro | plant&animalife | 19 Apr 2020

The Cane Corso is a Molossian-type dog breed of Italian origin recognized by the FCI.

Average life: 10-12 years

Origin: Italy

Temperament: Trainable, Balanced Temperament, Reserved, Balanced, Calm

Weight: Female: 40–45 kg, Male: 45–50 kg

Height: Female: 58–66 cm, Male: 62–70 cm

Colors: Black, Light fawn, Gray, Striped black, Tiger brown, Red


The Cane Corso Italiano is a Molossian-type dog breed of Italian origin recognized by the FCI (Standard No. 343, Group 2, Section 2.1).

There is not much agreement on the etymology of "Corso", but the greatest consensus is attributed to the Latin derivation from Cǒhors, in the meaning of "enclosure, courtyard". This etymology, which also has evident significant assonance, directly calls into question the use of this dog, which has always been devoted to the active guard of fenced places and the defense of herds.

Some even hypothesize Celtic derivations (the English coarse, pronounced "cors" - with the meaning of "crude" or "manners" - still in use in Wales), but the absence of linguistic evidence in this sense has never encouraged adequate research in this direction. Residual to the present day, especially in the dialects of Southern Italy, the entry "Cǒhors" ended up taking on the forms of Còrs, Cuòrs, Còrsicu, Cuòrsicu, with reference to a canine ethnic type on a Molossian base, but strongly variable according to the uses and the geographical area. "Corso" in the dialects of Capitanata was also said of people who were considered particularly good-looking and daring (jé nu còrs).


The Cane Corso is undoubtedly a fascinating breed. It is a powerful and large dog, made to work on farms and to keep watch, it is a working dog and not a companion dog. He needs to move a lot and receive stimuli. It has an important physicality. He must be trained with great seriousness and socialized a lot since he is extremely young. If trained poorly and not socialized, it can become aggressive and even dangerous with people and other dogs. Affectionate towards the family and very attached to the owner, however, it is not ideal for children, much less with inexperienced people who would not be able to manage it.


Like many other dogs of similar temperament, the Cane Corso is also quite sensitive. He needs an owner who knows how to be a solid and coherent leader, affectionate but at the same time firm, to whom he can rely and with whom he can relax. He does not react positively to screams and aggression (and physical punishment is obviously prohibited), on the other hand, he is very sensitive to tone of voice and gestures. It must be kept in mind during training and in general in daily life. It is an absolutely reliable dog if well trained and raised.

The Cane Corso lives for his family and, although he does not have the irresistible sweetness of other breeds, he explicitly demonstrates his affection. He loves caresses and being with his loved ones, who he is willing to protect at any cost. Unfortunately, the affection of this dog for his family tends to be too exclusive, to the point that, if he is not properly socialized, he can try to remove every stranger and every other dog.

The course always wants to have the situation under control and has a tendency to always put itself in the command post. For this reason, he does not naturally adapt to the company of children, unless he is accustomed since childhood to dealing with human puppies. His prowess also prevents him from being a safe dog with children because, even if only with one leg or one tail, he could cause harm. It is however a breed suitable for pet teraphy.

Tireless and always alert guardian, the Cane Corso is naturally wary of strangers. How significant this distrust is and, therefore, how aggressively the dog reacts to people it does not know, depends on how it is socialized as a puppy. A dog who has not been used to dealing with many different people will be able to bark furiously at any stranger who approaches his territory and in extreme cases even attack.

Just as with unknown humans, the Corso is also wary of other dogs. This large dog with a sometimes arrogant character almost always wants to be the boss, especially if the owner is unable to impose himself as a pack leader. A poorly socialized Cane Corso can be a danger to other dogs and try to attack them.

The Cane Corso is a working breed, selected as a fighting, hunting, guard dog and as an aid in cattle breeding. In short, it is a versatile and powerful dog, but not at all suitable for apartment life. This race requires space and movement, and cannot live absolutely well between four walls.

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