Report 3 seasons Splinterlands, how many did leave?

Report 3 seasons Splinterlands, how many did leave?

By Dreamka | planetmoney | 16 Jun 2020

Hello earth! Connect with Planet Money! 

Today i want say your my experience of a game Splintersland, I am play 3 seasons (near 45 days) and i have statistics. Your ready?

Couple of words about investments, input 10$ pay one-time and go play! 

I am buy 2 account, that have more complete statistics and i have statistics account my friends, so we have poor statistics averaged by time and luck.

I will tell from my statistics cost account (10$) pay off 100% during 3 seasons! P.S. if to give 10-15 minutes everyday complete quest. 

Okey let's go watch proof!

First season:

1 account:

- card price = $7.5 (excluding cards with packages) + $1 orb (similar to a package that can be sold) ~ $8.5 per week

10-8.5 = 1.5 $ up to payback

2 account:

- card price = $5 (excluding cards from packages) + crypts on ~ $3

10-8 = 2 $ up to payback

The second week:

1 account:

Отчёт 2.0 Splinterslands, изображение №1
it was $8.5 became ~ $14, the total of $6.5 in two weeks + on the account of 4 orbs, threw in one aka all. + 4 $ + ~ 1 $ in the crypt = 11.5 $

Total: ak paid off ($10) + top $10 per month, not bad.

Отчёт 2.0 Splinterslands, изображение №2
2 account:

Отчёт 2.0 Splinterslands, изображение №3
It was $8, became ~ $12.5 + $1 in crypt = $5.5

Total: ak paid off ($10) + on top of $3.5 per month, given that I did not average, but took the cost of orbs in one ak from above.

These are my notes, then the orbs cost $1, today price~1.2$

And statistics today (season end yesterday):


+2$ to the last price and 2 orbs lie from account +2.5$ and DEC from account +2$ = 6.5$


+2$ to the last price and DEC from account +2$ = 4$

We summarize, i have ~30$ in carts on 2 accounts + 4$ from crypro DEC on 2 accounts and 6$ withdrow from cpypto HIVE and +2.5$ from orb = 42,5$ 

let's take away 20$ pay = 22,5$  pretty bad considering I didn't fall super cool cards like my friends!

Examples of their good luck:





So if you're thinking about buying a game or not, bravely buy! After taking a little time, you can get money!

Link for game: Splinterlands.

Do you like such content? I have in stock a couple of games that I am ready to share, let me know what you are interested in!

You were in touch Planet Money!!! To new connections... 

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