Bonus Pre-registration 30$

By Dreamka | planetmoney | 15 Jun 2020

For a long time there were no suitable games, but something began to appear!

The game looks very interesting, MMO strategy. I have not seen such crypto games yet, look at the trailer:

And so, while pre-registration is open in the game, they give us $30 each, below they show what they will give.

To get them we only need to do 1 thing!

Click the link LINK

We enter our mail, confirm it and wait for the launch of the game!

The game looks as attractive as possible, there were already 2 pre-sales and people buy up all very quickly! It can't help but please!

Let's look at the gameplay:

The game offers earnings for holding plots, the reward will grow from the level of the plot and the amount of your time invested in the game! Rewards will be paid in DAI, they depend on the profit of the game itself.

There is even more information on this game if you want to know, put your finger up and I will tell you the details of this game!

With you, the planet money follows us, will earn together!

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