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Living with Llama's

By Pizzamage | Pizzamage | 18 Feb 2021

Have you ever wondered how you could own property online with little to no money? Would you like to invest your time and energy into something that could give you an actual return? Do you like digital llamas? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this tale takes place from inspiration from a game called Upland!  It's a free to play game, and also It's going to be your first quest! Upland<("<) Claim your land now!

Seriously awesome job if you followed my request! And welcome to the game! The first quest gives a reward of another quest! Some may find that unfair, but that’s just the way the llama lays. The second quest is to join Fresno and buy a property your piece comes across that’s labeled FSA. You may have to search a bit to find one, but you can click on a neighboring property that has been claimed or minted and it will be either blue or dark green. Now send your piece to it for a small fee of five to twenty-five coins. Now the property you're going to have your eye on will be grey if your avatar is far away, and turn light green when you go near. Just be wary it is actually a FSA property and available on the market. Some gray properties will remain locked.

This is the first time anyone has claimed that property. Congratulations Upland has given you this quest reward in place of me! You now own your first property! Go to your collection tab and lock in that first achievement! If you find two or more on the same street and purchase them, you can achieve a pretty amazing second achievement! There are also a lot of neighborhood achievements. You may have to find most of them through purchasing from other players. 

So now you have a decision to make. Do you spend $5 to buy, sell, trade, and have these properties for the rest of your life, or do you feel you need to do this with no investment besides time? If the latter choice is one you feel more comfortable, it doesn’t mean you can’t partake in this amazing game. Just keep signing in and sign your uplander visa on your player card. You need to do this once a week or your properties are forfeit. You can collect from your properties, hunt llamas, engage in the discord, or Twitter for giveaways or create ads to visit your property, I’m sure there're tons of creative ways I haven’t even thought of for turning a profit. Just don’t abuse the TOS or feel the ban hammers mighty wrath. 

Either way, I’m going to assume you made it to uplander status by now, so congratulations on that huge milestone. I hope you feel nostalgic like me, or the game gives you a sense of nostalgia in the future! 

Your next quest is to trade a property. Find something for sale and see if you have something similar. It may just make somebody’s day! An awesome way to make a future deal as well! Don’t be afraid to lose on your first deal! If you find this too hard, you can also complete this quest by simply buying a property! The quest reward is +1 to your trading skills.

Your last quest, you are going to offer me or whoever owns the property 1000 upx for 2292 E Powers. Your reward is you have now become the next owner to this chain sale, and you have to sell it to the first person to offer you 1000 upx. If you fail to sell it when offered, you will lose 1 point in humanity. 

Thank you for reading this short guide to Upland


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A quick introductory guide to the world of Upland, and my first publish0x blog!

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