I O.D'd On Pixie Dust | Rising Star Pack Openings & NFT #Giveaway (ends Nov 2nd)

By pixiepost | Pixie Power Gaming | 27 Oct 2021

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NOTE: The Festival is now in Italy. At the time of the making of the video, it was in Portugal. Sorry! LOL

Things have been rocking in the @risingstargame community as the hunt for "Scary Mary" continues on ... have you found her yet? Also, there has been a few small tweaks on the #blockchain game itself...

It's definitely the right time to be here with the #NFTs growing as well as the chance to tap into an amazing #community that truly lives up to its name....

In this video, we have another Card #Giveaway as well as some fun pack openings, which prove to not disappoint..

Another #PixiePowerGaming video in the books!

Have an amazing week & keep leveling up! Remember you are the RockStar of Your Dreams. Go after it!

*As always, a big shout-out to Jux & the Rising Star gang for making this game & community better each day. They truly are the shining stars! ;)


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