Moozicore: Live and let Live (Revolutionary music streaming)

By pinku007 | pinku007 | 10 Jul 2019

Brief about Moozicore:-

Revolutionary music streaming services for Moozicore places where music is essential for customers. Our service background music transforms into an interactive customer-sourced playlist. Apart from Spotify, Tidal or any other commercial services, Moozicore is fully licensed and legal for all types of business.

The purpose of Moozicore is to personalize musical accompaniment in different places, to the taste and needs of their visitors. Customers get this issue using the mobile application from the project's creators. With its help, they can choose different songs, the possibility of a vote, interaction with others, for example, the viewers of the bar or sports hall.

Each platform works differently, and in this case, available on  Moozicore iOS or Android system. When users access the platform via their mobile device, they will be able to change background music published by music providers. In this way, when they listen to music, end users will have more enjoyable experiences. In addition to controlling the available songs, platforms allow users to rate the songs, they can choose which song they want to hear later, and they can even upload their activities to the social media platform. Keep in mind that this platform is a U.S. based program and so it only deals with American music providers. This may be an error for those who enjoy international music outlets.


Moozicore’s business model is based on three sources of revenue:-
  • SaaS:- Local owners get access to a web panel for a monthly subscription fee, allowing them to create millions of song playlists from their licensed library of licenses, allowing customers to create their own smartphone rights with the music.


  • Microtransactions: Places for upcoming songs, add songs to venue playlists and request to play next songs.


  • Ads:- Integrates background music services with TV screens in places to allow advertisements for brands to attract Moozicore's customers.


Mobile users can buy Coins directly from the Moozicore App on their smartphones using MZI & MZG tokens or via Paypal, Apple Pay (iOS devices) and with any major credit cards.

The Coins will never expire and can be used at any location with the Moozicore as a source of music. What is unique about our service is that it allows our customers to access a dynamic user experience directly with their smartphone to attract public music, TV shows, social media and promotions. Customers choose to use the Musical mobile app to select songs, Upcoming music vote, Contact other times goers, Social Media Share and Bar Special Offers Review.

Moozicore believes that artists and singers deserve proper compensation for their efforts. For any business that uses our services, Also Moozicore believes that artists and singers deserve proper compensation for their efforts. For any business t needs to obtain performance licenses of the U.S. Performance Rights Organization (ASCAP, BMI and SESAC) requested.

Moozicore’s token will create benefits for both the local owner and venue customers:-

Place customers can benefit from purchasing Music Token Prices and Sales By:

Which means significant bonuses actually the unit price lower for the Moozicore tokens (1 MGI in the first week ≈ $ 0.01 for pre-sale) Instead of buying coins in Moozicore App for regular price $ 0,05 (80% discount!)

Owners of Moozicore tokens in their marketing strategies will benefit from increasing the participation of their customers in their locations. According to the latest figures, 4 out of 10 customers played in lasting music where the music was praised. This will translate directly into the earnings of the owners of the transfer.

Other Moozicore app users have the ability to transfer Moozicore tokens, and this enables them to strengthen the voting effect by adding more people by voting for their favorite songs.



Moozicore mobile app controls the music in places by customers:-

  1. It is played when the upcoming music vote is played
  2. Selection of songs from venue pre-authorized libraries
  3. Add songs to the playlist at the end of the row at the current venue
  4. Sharing songs with photos and 'tagged' plays on social media with friends

Our goal is to create personalized, social music experiences for every customer, develop places like bars, restaurants, gyms and any other recreational places.


Moozicore’s activities include music writers' fees. Using mobile and MZI & MZG tokens, mobile application users will use network resources. These tokens working at Ethereum Blockchain can be purchased in almost any form of cashless payments.

The main token and etherium-based MZG ERC 20 standard platform. The platform will be used as a utility token. In fact, the company's customers will spend the tokens to order songs, voting etc. Hosts can use tokens as incentive. Or simply use them to draw extra profits by exchanging them on the exchange.







It appears to be a solid team with professional and experienced members.



Token info:-

Token:- MZG

Platform:- Ethereum

Type: ERC20

Price in ICO: 0.0185 USD


Round 1: 30% Discount
Round 2: 20% Discount  

Accepting:- ETH, BTC

Distributed in ICO:- 61%  

More Details:-


White paper:-




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