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VertHash Mining Solution

Make Your Idle PC Work - Verthash GPU One-Click-Miner (2021 Edition)

There were a few topics I wanted to write about today, but now I am making it a conscious habit to search for similar articles before I begin. And it's a good thing I did because the first two topics I had in mind were; BetterHash and Honeyminer. The articles were a few months old, so they are still relevant, so I am going to pass on writing my own. In the end I decided to write about Verthash GPU One-Click-Miner. I labeled it 2021 edition because there was an article written about a year ago. And since that time, there have been some changes.

So here we go ..

VertHash OCM


What is Verthash One-Click-Miner?
Verthash OCM is a crypto miner for Windows. It's a simple program, that has a simple user interface, consisting of 3 simple tabs. And yes, I used the word "simple" a lot in the previous sentence. The application itself is very straight forward to use. Please you see the screenshot. By default, Verthash OCM will automatically create a wallet for you, followed by asking you what type of currency you want to mine, and finally, what mining pool you would like to use. The only manual labor you'll have to endure is to ensure that you have a wallet already made for that specific crypto that you are mining.


OCM - Wallet
These are my real numbers from a gaming desktop computer


What Crypto-Currency Can Verthash OCM Mine?
Verthash OCM can mine just about any popular crypto you can think of. By default, VH OCM is setup to mine DOGE. If you don't change it, that's what you'll end up with in your wallet. By mining DOGE, VTC OCM will automatically convert the mined DOGE into whatever cypto you selected, and automatically deposit it in your specified wallet. That sounds pretty simple doesn't it?


OCM - DOGE Wallet

OCM - Settings



Requirements to Run VertHash OCM?
You'll need a computer that runs Windows 10 or Linux (Ubuntu). I personally have only used the Windows version, but I don't imagine the GUI being so different. You'll also need a GPU that has 2GB of memory or greater. VertHash will not mine using just your CPU.




How Do I Install & Setup?
After your download has completed, navigate to the folder where you keep all your downloaded files. If you are a Windows person, just click on the explorer icon on your taskbar and look for the "downloads" folder on the left navigation bar. Once you find it, double click on the file to extract it. You will only fine on file (it's represented by a green icon) you can't miss it. I suggest that you move that file to your desktop for easy access. Once the file is on your desktop, double-click to open it and run it. The first thing that it will prompt you to do is create a password for your local wallet. Make sure that you write this password down as there's no way of recovering it if you forget. Immediately after creating the wallet, it will take you to a screen with a completion bar. This step may take 4-5 minutes depending on the speed of your computer. And as soon as it completes OCM will automatically start mining DOGE to a default mining pool. At this point I would highly suggest that you hit the "Stop Mining" button so that you can properly configure what you want to mine, what pool you want to go with, and to put in your wallet address for the currency of your choice. When you are finished putting in all the required info, click the "save" button and resume your mining operations.


Is It Working Properly?
You will know from the status screen when it is working. You will see such information as how many coins it can mine in 24/hours, the hashrate, and approximately how many crypto are ready to be sent over to your wallet once it reaches the withdrawal threshold. Each mining pool have different thresholds you have to reach of each currency before it can be sent to your wallet. For example, I use Zergpool. I am currently mining RVN and the threshold is 48-50 RVN depending on the day due to price fluctuations. Zergpool like all other mining pools charge a percentage for using their services. Before you choose which pool to go with on the dropdown, make note of their fees.


OCM - Wallet 2


So Now What?
Now that everything is all setup, and you have a good idea what the haul will be in the next 24/hours, just do the simple math to determine how long it will take you to meet your withdrawal threshold per the mining pool you chose. And when you do reach that number, check your wallet just to make sure all of the funds have been transferred correctly. That is it, and that is all. Boom, in a few days or hours, depending on your computer, you will have some cryptocurrency in your wallet.

I hope you found this writeup useful. Give me a thumbs-up or drop me a note in the comments section. Until next time, peace ..


PingingNinja aka Michael

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