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By Kozii | PiNetwork | 3 Sep 2019

Pi Network is a pre-ico, early stage cryptocurrency project aiming to create a fast and reliable p2p network, utilising our available free resources, like a mobile phone - which is an expense, until you start mining Pi coins with it, and turning it into an asset forever.


SocialChain Inc. is a decentralised network of miners consisting of over 300,000 mobiles all around the world, turned into assets earning Pi coins every day! Expect 3-5 sec transaction and eBay type marketplace. Become a Pioneer today to get a head start and join the ranks of the Pi Network, mine before the next halvening:


Pi consensus algorithm builds atop Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) and offers these adaptations:



☼ Pioneer 

Pioneer is the user of Pi mobile who confirms that they're not a robot by starting a mining session. Pioneers can make p2p transaction on platform.

☼ Contributor

Contributor is a pioneer who contributes to system by providing a list of trustworthy pioneers to build a global trust graph.

☼ Ambassador

Ambassador is a user of the App who brings other users into Pi Network.

☼ Node

Node is a user who is a pioneer, a contributor and running the PI Node software on their computer.



To get access, check out  where you can download the app on your phone within 2 minutes, or follow the below links:


If it asks for a code, enter my ambassador code ' Kozii ' and join my miner team that is mining all the time.


See you on the other side or in the disco


Let's connect!



Discord: Kozii#4386


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