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By Z365AIR | PI Network | 18 Sep 2019

Have you been seeing articles about PI Network lately?

That's normal because we reached 500k users on Pi network!

Greetings current and potential pioneers. z365air here reporting in the latest updates about the Pi Network.

500k engaged (completed 72 hours of mining and became a contributor) members. YES! Amazing growth in only 6 months. You can easily compare it with the projects that offer similar things like ETN maybe (as it's mobile also). Things have changed quite a bit since this writing and we have some new features on the Pi network.

Let me list some of them.



Simple, yet brilliant feature to add on the social side of the app.

You can upvote and downvote the messages in chat channels on the app which works as another layer for security.

Fake - multiple accounts, bots etc. are using the chat (if they ever do) with only one reason. To promote their different campaigns. Organic community members on the other side are more keen to help and inform other members. As in result, the community gets upvote for their messages and has a better global trust graph where fakes, multiple accounts, and bots are getting downvote and have a worse one. This feature makes it even easier to eliminate those unwanted accounts and giving the Pi to whom it belongs to.



You shared your link and some people used it to join the Pi Network as your referral. The only option to keep in touch with them, help'em around the app and the project was finding them on where you shared your link, on the chat channels or your personal contact (if you already have) with that referral. Until now!

Earning team chats allowing you to keep in contact with your team for welcoming them, giving out notifications or just simply to chat or even promote your airdrops and etc. It's a private channel working under your rules. Everyone is the moderator of their own Earning Team Chat allowing them to delete selected messages and mute the members when needed.

Are you a great leader? This is the place to prove it!



500K is a big number even for a complete model/product. For a better understanding, note that the daily active BTC wallet count averages between 600-700k and keep in mind that Pi Network is still in the creation phase! This is a very promising number yet it creates a huge load on the server. Core Team is handling this traffic brilliantly so far. Longest downtime was 4 hours and it happened while implementing new features! Mobile verification is also improved by adding another service operator located in the UK for better coverage. More providers will be added soon. 



This record growth is the sign of success, that we're building something unique and valuable.

Soon we will move on to testnet where the digital stores, P2P transactions and node software will be available. Things will get even bigger! Grab your seat before it's too late. You can JOIN PI NETWORK HERE "z365air" is your invitation code

Meritocracy and accessibility are the key elements here in Pi Network. Invitation combined with Security Circle is also an important element as it's building an organic web of trustworthy members for the very users (owners and the governors) of this ecosystem. Brilliant in many aspects and i'm proud to be a part of this project as a member and a moderator.

Happy Earnings!

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PI Network
PI Network

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