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Pi Phase 2 :Testnet has arrived and Pi's first official use case.

By Poorboycrypto | Pi Network app | 7 May 2020

A few days ago Pi released its software for the Pi nodes. Testnet has officially started! The network is up and running and Pi is making progress.

If you don't have the node yet software yet, you'll need to get it from Minepi.com. Once you've set that up you'll need to open the program and install the dockers and open the ports. It's a little technical so you'll need to set aside a little time to correctly set it up. Especially if you are planning to run a node or supernode. TBH this may not be for weary. Lots of people struggle with it and troubleshooting can be ....troublesome. 

Overall tho this is a huge and positive step for the Pi Network. It's making steps forward and establishing an actual network. 1 step Closer.


As usual I made a video discussing this and the next topic here for those who like the audio and visual.

Something else really cool has been added inside the actual app. It's an app within the app! The Pi Network has added an app platform and released the first app on it. 

Welcome FeverIQ. This app has a function that helps collect data privately for Covid19. It's actually pretty neat and now Pi has it's first official use case and it's going to do good. This is also exciting because although temporary the App platform opens the door for any number of apps and also any number of use cases. There are many apps already in the future for this app and this is only the beginning. I can safely guess Pi Engaged Pioneer base is over 5 million. I bet ya wish you would have kept earning Pi instead of quitting months ago. I hope this puts to bed some doubts many in the community have. It's still not to late to rejoin or join for the first time. 

If by some miraculous way you have not joined the Pi Network check out my Youtube Channel. I literally have dozens of videos explaining how the Pi Network works, or just join Here


I hope you enjoyed my post and if you've been away from Pi I encourage you to Revisit and reevaluate your opinion. It's free and easy.

Until next time. Get claiming!

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Hello, I'm Poorboycrypto and I host a Youtube channel among other content creations. My aim is to help others earn cryptocurrency for little to no cost by preforming various tasks. I inform anyone willing to listen/watch.

Pi Network app
Pi Network app

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