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Last chance to invest in STC before ICO !

You may have read or seen my recent article on the Student Coin (STC). I'm doing another one about it because the ICO is coming up.

If you are interested in my first article, you can follow this link.

Why is it urgent to invest in the Student Coin?

First, because the ICO is coming soon and you can still get STC for now $0.0168. Once on the market, it will be different and it is more than likely that the price will soar!!! We are currently in phase 97 of the project and once we get to 100, it might be next week, then the ICO will take place. Know that there is already more than 17 million dollars invested in the project and that the biggest universities in the world are part of this project, it's serious!


What will be the options afterwards ?

It will be possible to create your own token from the STC platform. The NFT will also come later and other possibilities will be updated. One of the features that we all like and that will soon be present after the ICO, is the fact of being able to store our STC and thus earn interest on them!

stake STC

This article to remind you the importance of this project and the huge potential gains you can make just by investing 50 or 100$. You can do it directly from the official STC LaunchPad HERE.

Thanks for reading and see you soon. See you after the ICO!

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Pi Network and young crypto !
Pi Network and young crypto !

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