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Another Mobile mining app : Eagle Mining Network !!

Another new crypto that can be mined from your cell phone. In December, I was telling you about the BEE Network which was a new project similar to the Pi network, an application that allows you to mine from your smartphone.

After 3 months of existence, Bee Network already has more than 6mio miners. If you want to participate to the project, don't hesitate to use the code : Unknown.

But today I discovered another application offering the same principle as these two other applications: EAGLE MINING NETWORK. The principle remains the same, mining from your smartphone by clicking only once a day on a small mining icon.


No great novelty in the application with more or less the same design and functionality which of course are available depending on the level of progress of the project and the number of users. For example, it is not yet possible to secure the network because it comes in Phase 3 of the project. I invite you to read the White Papers to understand the different phases of the Eagle project.

Phase 3

New feature: I noticed that there is a "spinner" that we can run every day and that allows us to win 1 to 8 Eagle for free in addition to the classic mining. Moreover, when you use a referral code, you automatically receive 10 Eagle and not 1 as it is the case for BEE by the way.

White papers

I don't know yet if the project is very concrete or serious, but I tell myself that it doesn't cost anything to try to collect Eagles and if one day they are worth something, I will have contributed to it. Currently, the free mining rate is 2 Eagle / hour and each referral offers an additional 25%, i.e. 0.5 Eagle / hour. The project has just started, so it's very interesting to participate as soon as possible!


Point that does not exist with Bee and Pi Network is the possibility to buy a higher rate of mining. Indeed, the free rate is 2 EAGLE / hour but it is possible to have more, like 3, 7 or even 12 EAGLE / hour depending on your investment. Not knowing for the moment if the project holds up, I advise you the free plan. I want to specify that for the moment we do not know who are the core team of the app.


If you are interested or just curious, feel free to use my code if you liked this article or just for support :) I will be grateful for it. My code is : "unknown".

The future will tell us if these mobile mining projects will have a great potential and real value or not, but in any case, nothing is lost by trying !



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Pi Network and young crypto !
Pi Network and young crypto !

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