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By Phoenix | Phx | Tech | 11 May 2019

Game Information

Release date: 15.06. 2001

Original War is a combination of strategy and RPG that will take you into a war conflict for an unknown mineral that has taken millions of years before Christ (freely inspired by The Last Day of Wolfgang Jeschke's creation).

About Original War must be tripped by every hardcore strategist.

The game contains a total of 3 main factions, which differ mainly in the diversified technology. Americans have snipers, lasers, and tracked vehicles, Russians long-range rockets, soldiers with slowdown ammunition, and Arabs use prehistoric men as explosive suicides. Unfortunately, you only play for Arabs in multiplayer or unofficial modes.


As with Jagged Alliance 2, you build your relationship with certain character. Yes, every character has his original face, name and even voice. The charm of the game lies mainly in the story and the subtle blending of both campaigns.


Another interesting aspect is the so-called RPG elements in 4 occupations (soldier, mechanic, doctor and worker), which you improve with characters during the game and carry them to other missions. Loss of the character you care for as a specialist can get rid of you in the future.


The game consists of about 34 long, exciting missions that will truly convince you that it is a unique piece from Czech Altar Interactive (from story and graphics to music and playability). The missions are original, will test your strategic and tactical thinking on the lightest difficulty, and there's no room for repetition. You won't be bored in any mission. Whether you are building a Russian base, destroying the American base or building it.

Official Story

In 1919, US Colonel Emerson found an unknown extraterrestrial object in Siberia near the impact of the Tungusian Meteorite, which is secretly moved to the US and named EON.


Research will show that it is a time machine that moves anything two million years into the past. However, experiments are suspended for lack of fuel that scientists cannot synthesize.


An American geological expedition looking for other natural resources in Siberia will unexpectedly discover a site of unknown mineral instead of predicted oil. The US Department of Defense scientists then find out that it is a substance that drives the EON and name it Siberit, according to its location. The Siberite discovery will allow a re-run of suspended research to show, among other things, that Siberit is a catalyst for cold fusion and thus a source of nearly unlimited energy.


Given the political climate in Russia, the Americans fear the misuse of Siberit by the Russians for military purposes, and therefore commit themselves to a radical step. They will send out two million years ago a special unit that will extract mineral resources in Siberia and ditch them in the then continental Siberia-linked Alaska. But for special forces it is a mission without return, so people who no longer have anything to lose are chosen for it.

What's the hook?

  • The Americans and the Russians come from different timeline when the mineral was in the other side
  • The Arabs, who dominate the oil trade in the US timeline, have learned about the US plan to seize the mineral and hired bloodthirsty killers and rapists for fear of the loss of oil, usurped the American time machine EON (at Russian TAWAR) for themselves and also traveled past the goal of keeping oil as the only fuel source for the future

The seemingly relaxing mission becomes a battle for bare survival.

Game Intro

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