Massive NFT giveaway on hive blockchain!

So this post can be found on the hive blockchains own bloging platform ecency! A link to the article will be provided. Since I am the author of that article I have permission to do so.

If you are not a member of the hive tribes yet you should join with my reflink! 

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I joined the hive community by accident and since fell in love with the vibrant ecosystem this blockchain provides.

So join hive and you can take part in my giveaway, now to the article:

Dear On Chain Art community, only today you can secure yourself edition #11 of alpine beauty for free!
Alpine beauty is part of the collection "nothing is real, all is real" this is going to be a big collection of surreal art pieces. It has a downloadable art piece wrapped in it and only tokenholders will be able to display that art piece. Get your hands on them now!

Follow these steps to win:

  1. Follow me on NFT Showroom! If you are not there yet register! HERE

  2. reblog this post this is important!

  3. Tag 1 friend who should know about this!

  4. comment "Done" when all is done :)

There is 11 editions in total. #1 I will keep for myself the time being. It might be put on the market at a later point. The other editions #2-#10 are on the market right now and up for cheap grabs! But hurry! Every day I will increase the value of their market price. So be fast about it!
Click on the picture to get straight to the editions!


You don´t have to upvote the post but it is appreciated of course you are supporting this community and our gallery. It is for you to decide.
Upvote this post and let @nftshowroom and @hive-156509 benefit of your curation! I set them as 25% beneficiaries as the last time.

This is a thing on hive! Everyone makes hive with everything!


Giveaway ends and winners will be announced on the 5th of March some time of the day! I will update the title to CLOSED! and all done comments after that update will be ignored.
I will provide a video of the price draw so you see that all is provably fair!
Thank you for your engagement!


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