How to start out in Upland? A fast lane to getting an uplander. A guide to arrange your collections and a list of cheap traveling destinations

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Now when you start out in upland you really have to be strategic to get the most earnings for your properties. When you first arrive in Fresno you can buy the properties under the FSA or Fair Start Act. These properties are reserved for new citizens of Upland and all visitors. You can see the FSA properties marked on the map. You can also see my current UPX thats not much...




When I first began I purchased a property which cost me 1500UPX but there are smaller properties for 900 or even 800 UPX you just have to find them. There are two collections you can fill up with 8 different properties if you are only buying land for under 1000UPX also if you travel around make sure you only travel to properties where you pay 5UPX. It ads up after a time and it takes a while until your properties yield 5 UPX. All my properties are set to this price to help you traveling for cheap! I will provide a list with my properties at the end of the article!

So when you arrive and find your cheap starting point make sure you can buy 2 more properties in the same street! This will unlock the collection king of the street and will give the properties in the collection a boost in earnings. As you can see it is a 30% boost for that 3 properties!





When you click on edit collection you can choose the properties by clicking on the tap to fill button. As soon as you have 3 properties filled the collection is active and you will get the boosted earnings.







You can check on your new earnings by clicking on your properties tab boosted earnings will appear with a green upwards candle chart in green.




Now go on and try to buy 6 more properties! As soon as you bought the first one You can unlock the NEWBIE collection which will give you a 10% boost on the property filling that collection. You also should have this collection on active as long as you do not own 3 properties in the same street. Every minute a properties earnings are boosted counts! Time is a key asset in this game and in real life! A soon as you have 5 more properties you can unlock the city pro collection and that gives you the biggest boost possible in the beginning of the game.




As you can see on the image it gives a 40% boost on the five properties filling this collection. That is considerably high don´t you think?

When you start the game be sure to check back at least once a day to collect your bonus UPX! Do not forget to renew your Upland Visa! That is key to success and will help you getting that UPX to buy more properties! The more you have the more you will earn! Remember this is a realtime economy game! There will be marketplaces later on to sell your properties and to trade your UPX for real money! Be strategic in your approach and you will earn more!

Invite your friends so you get a bonus when they get an uplander! This is the fastest way to make more UPX and get some real growth going! You get a massive 2500 when your friend gets an uplander.


So now I have a little LIST with cheap traveling destinations! These are my properties! You can use them as strategic points on treasure hunts. Or as a possibility to change direction of your explorer.


  • 5090 W Harvard AVE this property is also on sale! Make me an offer!
  • 5057 W Brown AVE
  • 5045 W Brown AVE
  • 4356 N Gearhart AVE
  • 5210 N Hanover AVE
  • 1435 W San Jose AVE
  • 4099 W San Bruno AVE
  • 4064 W San Bruno AVE
  • 4058 W San Bruno AVE
  • 5278 N El Sol AVE

Thanks for considering my land as a traveling destinations be sure to leave a comment with your username and send me your properties so I can travel around by knowing I give back to the publish0x community! You can also buy my properties once you are an uplander!


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