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DEFI, BRAVE AND BTC TIMEOUT--- How to take a break from crypto and FOMO and a guide to keep it slow


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Thanks for passing by if you have been here before, you know already that my posts are all about the visuals. I invite you to take a break, and have some time for yourself. Spend 2 minutes of your time striving your eyes over my photographs. Be sure to click on the follow button if you like photography as much as I do.


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Thank you very much for your time!

I hope you had a nice break from crypto...

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All photographs are taken by me I have the consent of my models to show my art. All pictures have been collaborations with the models in a time for print contract. Any unauthorized use of these photographs is strictly forbidden!


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The Brave photographer -- take a crypto break
The Brave photographer -- take a crypto break

The market is bearish? You cant sleep? Time for a break! This Blog is all about my journey in the world of photography. All pictures you see, are taken by me. If you want a break from reading crypto news and filtering scam content, let your eyes strive over my pictures and relax. Disclaimer! Any unallowed use of the content published here will have legal consequences! Enjoy striving through my posts and don´t forget to subscribe!

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