Celebrating my first release of NFT art with a giveaway on hive network!

Hello dear reader this post was originally published on the hive network!

You can only take  take part in the giveaway if you are a part of Hive network!
If you are not on there yet just click on this LINK

When you are done with the onboarding process just look up @solymi and swipe through my posts it should be pretty much on top today.

You can win this art piece if you read through the post and follow some easy steps!

It has been a busy last week for me on the hive communities and I made a ton of new friends and also some hive and hive power of course! So I thought I am just going to reinvest a part of my income to tokenize my first collection trippy_emmeline.

It consist of 3 pieces 2 of them are videos and a third one is a gif. Let me know in the comments how you like them and also consider to follow me on NFT showroom so you can see when I issue new tokens. Also thats kinda part of the giveaway but there is more to that at the bottom of this post!

The gif is the only piece that has more than one edition! The 2 vids are unique and are only minted one time! I put them all on sale on the NFT showroom site you can go straight there by clicking on this image!

So to celebrate my first issue I will give one lucky winner one piece of Emmeline on LSD! Two of them are already for sale, and the 3rd and last one could be yours!

All you have to do is follow me here and on NFT showroom comment DONE under this post and reblog!
I know thats a lot of effort but there is actually a lot of time and effort in my art so you can also put in some effort to get your hands on this rare item. The winner will be announced on Friday 26th midnight CET. I will use a random picker to make sure the giveaway is provably fair! Applications close on Friday at 16:00 CET I will modify the title to CLOSED!



To sign up to the hive network you need to click HERE !



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