Stars in the Night Sky

By blackmagyk | Photos of the USA | 30 Sep 2020

If anyone has seen any of my recent posts, you would know that I had traveled all over the USA and visiting places. One thing that I have done in multiple spots is to take pictures of the stars. The astrophotography feature on my phone may not be the best option for something like this but I think it has captured some wonderful images.

This picture was taken in New Jersey in a suburban area. There are many towns and cities close by within a 100-mile radius.

This is a vastly huge upgrade if you pay close attention. This was taken in Butte, Montana where the population is way lower. The lack of light pollution really made the stars more visible.

This was taken near Pikes Peak in Colorado. The moon was out and really bright that day and made the whole sky incredibly bright which is why the stars aren't as clear as they should have been.

This last one was taken in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Like before, there was a full and bright moon making the stars much less visible. The altitude here was over 3,000 meters or 10,000 feet making it seem like a very good spot to take pictures of the stars.


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Photos of the USA
Photos of the USA

A place to store and share all the photos that I have taken around the USA through my travels.

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