Rocky Mountain National Park

By blackmagyk | Photos of the USA | 27 Sep 2020

After Yellowstone National Park, another famous national park that many people have heard of is Rocky Mountain National Park. This park is filled with diverse land formations and has a really high average altitude. The mountains here are crazy high and crazy cold. A very unique experience that I recommend everyone to visit if they get the opportunity.

This lake's altitude is over 10 thousand feet or over 3 thousand meters. At this altitude, most people will have some sort of altitude sicknesses such as dizziness, fatigue, and headache. Personally I have been higher so this didn't really affect me all that much.

This was one of the peaks of the mountain. To get to this point, there is about 2 hours worth of driving and then another 20 minutes of hiking to the peak after reaching the visitor center. The distance from the visitor center isn't really that far but because of the lack of oxygen, each step is more exhausting than the sea level equivalent making the pace slower.

This last picture was taken during the drive up to the previous picture. As you can see, there are still many trees and vegetation around, but once you get higher, the trees start disappearing. Reaching higher and higher altitudes will result in an eventual of the disappearance of bushes, then grass, then all visible life. The breathable oxygen is about 65% of what is available at sea level.


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Photos of the USA
Photos of the USA

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