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"The human condition" and "existencial dread". My thoughts and photos from the passing week, and a pledge!

Hello everyone,

As i haven't been as active as I would have wanted to, as in posting and making content, something i was very determined to do consistently and each time with all the passion i could muster. becouse for me, creation is a distraction from the "heavier" spaces of my mind. Both memories of trauma. But also. just the everyday cognitive and mental restraints that come with "living the adult life". and being human.

The scholarly / correct form for this concept i am trying to come across is "existential dread". Or
more describing, suffering from "the human condition"

I came to think about it after reading a thought-provoking post from a member of this community that i have come to respect and read regularly his posts. And i encourage you to take a look at his writings. here:


I have had a tendencies to "isolate", if I can get away with it. In the past costing me opportunities and probably friendships. i so as soon as my photography started to gain recognition or some following online and a $ here and there for the off print. I "abandon" it, like so many other "projects" or well, ideas. or goals or aims.

I in my fight against the more depressive realms of existance pledge to post for the next 10 weeks. Here on xpilar, each post containing at least three images from the week before with a brief description for each. Managing to "stick to that" and do it every Sunday 10 weeks in a row, would be a huge achievement for me, as well as having the therapeutic effects of a diary.

However, enough about me, existential dread. let us let the images speak now. the first one being titled

"Test of time"


The image if it "works" as a medium to transcend the feelings i try so amateurishly to word in the begins and description of photographs portion of this post. if it does, which i think it does for many, it makes me happy to be able to "share" this "thing" from within inside, with you all with only an image.

Thats what i love about photography, and thats why i see it as a way forward for me, not economicaly, or least i dont thnk so. but developing the skill and creation processess needed to capture and deliver in the right tones, that exact "feeling".

The netxt photograph i have for the world today is also shot at Akureyri, it has 2 barren trees standing against the cold late-winter wind. "Together", as they have and will for years too come. The image is titled "Together".

I do also feel that this image manages to capture and transfer to the viewer this human emotion we are dwelling on.
the trees being two, making it romantic or even romantic/tragic if you go all in on the fancy wording.

I however do have some other much happier and differently themed "tree" pictures and will include and add to this post too "lighten" it up a bit.

The next image i captured, "on the run" as I rushed me and my stepdaughter to the ice skating ring a few days ago. i have made some errors and "over worked" it, however i present it here under the title.

"The lightbringer"


I feel imense happieness and playfulness around the image, as well as the next one i preent to you, since both were captured as i took care of and spent time with my girlfriends doughter. The children always bring you light when you are running a little low.

"Dr - Greenthumb"

And finally this...

"illuminating tree of everlife".

This image has a powerful joy ready to enter the veiwer wholeheartedly and truthfully, it has many colours as it light up the seemingly endless days of total darkness during the long icelandic winter months. Really reminding us all that. However, bad today may seem to you, there is always hope that the next day when you wake up, your world, the trees in town and have been lit up by all the colours of the rainbow. helping us icelanders through these last dark winter months.

I hope that you have enjoyed my post, the photographs in it and forgive me even beforehand, for there will be times when "i’m not around", those times are now fewer and far between, but as a person with CPTSD i might always have these from time to time. but that is ok,

"a feeling, good or bad, is but a fleeting moment in time, captured, shared. And eventually, wiser we gracefully let go, and open our minds to a new feeling and try to tackle it as good we humanly possible." ... (hope i made this quote) :)

  • Eythor Gudmundsson

me, as the hardy icelandic people will stay resilient as the raven, my spirit animal, we will survive another winter to fight another day!

I hope all my friends and subscribers as well as first time readers have enjoyed this humane, emotional, "leafless trees" weekend collection of mine. However, talking about the resilient Icelandic spirit of "toughen it up" and "keep going". I couldn't help but remember another relatively new image of mine, wich tough already having been posted here on steemit. is so capturing of that "national essence", the image originally apeared on a thank you post to the community at #xpilar. i add that one to the end of the post as an added bonus material.


Named to honor a great fellow who has helped me out alot. =) Him and the entire comunity.

Have a great week evrybody and dont hesitate to leave a comment, be in touch or otherwise interackt with me, this is social media, lets make it social!

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Photography - for education and enjoyment!
Photography - for education and enjoyment!

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