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Hello again!

In my last blog i showcased some images from my home country of Iceland and the famous Icelandic summer sun.

but during the highpoints of the summer, due to the northern possitioning of Iceland the sun does not set, or the sky becoumes amazing, filled with colour. I have decided becouse it is my most popular post on this venue so far, to make it in to a platform for my faviorite landscape photographs from my home.

Take a little time to enjoy these, stop thinking crypto for 5 minutes and have a relaxing weekend.


from the lower right side of the frame the sun tries to light up this typical gloomy icelandic winter day. the flag is hanging lazyly at half mast by the cemetary. the bare trees serving as a temporary gathering point for the local ravens. the image has an "iceland" / "resiliance" / "grace through harsh situations and times", spirit all over it and is therefor a great starting image.

from here on the images will be central. the next one screams iceland, it has mountains, covered in snow, ocean and then more snow and mountains.


the iamge below shows lines or rows of "racks" used to hang fish for drying. dried fish was essential both for food preservation during the long winter months as well as being an export product. these racks stand outside the town of ólafsfjörður, iceland. where i used to live, and i will be posting some interesting images from there in due time. however here are.

"the racks"


the look of the changing seasons not far from where "the racks" was shot, however the afterwork and electricity/water pipe give it whole diffrent vibe, as well as being shot at totally diffrent times of the year.

"changing seasons"


this is a "landscape" / "tribute" post...
however, the positioning og the seagul on this image. i´m not sure if it "makes it" or "breaks it" ... the image that is... it´s deffinatly, something.



on this next photo looking out from the village (ólafsfjörður) harbour, the monolithic mountains close in the "fjord" but the horizon is visible through the ocean "passage". it´s shot during high summer and is kynd of cheerful.


here we are looking over the eyjafjörður and out to the island of hrísey wich has a population of around 100 and daily ferrie comunting to the "mainland".

you can see the water rippling the image quality that day was magical!



and the next one is actually the first image i shot, that got a real compliment, i remember how glad i was. :) studying it, finding out. "what worked" this time what did i do... so i can repeat it :)

"summer sun"


this black and white image i am not sure if can be categorized as "fine art" but i´d say it´s dignifiable by its simplicity.


( named since obviusly i had to use "shed" in the name, and in the B&W its shining on them sheep)

"shed a light on me"


"shed a light on me B&W"


i have so much more than i tought, i think i will deffinatly be making a "the ones that didnt make it" post and i´ve found so many "gems" that i have so much more material for (diffrently themed posts...)

"hazy memories"


i dont remember editing this one, but it must have been one of the first i ever edited. its also capturing some icelandic "cold" ness, so i will give it a chance in this "exhibition".

"panorama of tranquil waters"


a panoramic scenery from another picture, that altough being in a xpliar competition should have its place in this exhibition.

and here is another wide shot. centering on but not really centering, the fishing village og ólafsfjörður, north iceland.


i love the purple lupin that spreads evrywhere during the highpoint of summer, the fog. i am not as crazy about, however this image is verry "typical" "icelandic without drama.... but heeeavy fog"


and finally we have...

"bridge over untroubled waters"


i´m at the moment staying awake (its aroun midnight here) hoping to capture some northern lights (both pictures of & the strain. lol).

i hope my exhibition has brought up in you positive feelings in some way. i myself am at this point completely out of inspiration and will be taking a good night walk too clear my head from the "computer sitting headace" i´m starting too get now... i dug too deep in my image gallery... and oh it´s night now... damn adhd. :/

i should also show my considerate girlfriend some well deserved affection. i think i havent spoken too her for the three hours i´ve been looking at landscape photos.

i wish you all the best of evenings and good night!

your friend




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Photography - for education and enjoyment!
Photography - for education and enjoyment!

Hello evryone and welcome t my photography & visual arts blog. I welcome the opportunity to be able to share with you my faviorite photografs from my own collection, as well as maybe go back in history and take a look at some iconic photographs and try to go into a discussion on what it is, that makes a particular image "iconic". Even, what makes a photograph "good", what definitions are there, and how are they "flexible" since photography obviusly is an artform much rather than a scientific disipline.

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