leaving the murderscene

Photography - still life II - an unexpected story opportunity, the murder of Nelly fur-ta-do

hello again!

for the last couple of days, as the world has battled through covid-19 and me myself the "man-flu", drifting in and out of reality. waking up, to only hazy memories. was... was there a murder?

i remember setting out saturday morning with my new friend nelly-fur-ta-do, to do some more still life / portrait photography. but she was the unexpected star of my earlyer post on still life photography. wich can be found here.


we start of easy with a wide shot: (the model complaining about hygiene at the set of the shooting)


but that can all be edited out later, come on, show some trunk!


i´m sorry, i really am, i promise i´ll make you look respectable in this lighting. just try!


waaait, who da f** is that?


could there, really have been a murder? i´ll take a look at my "film"... (reaches for smartphone)... (removes souce)
let´s see...


well thats my girlfriends cat... a buddy of mine, some would even call him a friend of mine, (although the relationship is way to submissive-dominant oriented in my opinion to ever call him that... i wont say wich way tough)


oh! that´s utterly discusting... even for a murder scene...


gotchya!! i got you, in a photo with the victim!


are... are you posing for that one?


and then ofcourse for the dramatic getaway.


yup, thats one cool cat. going for his "walk-away".


so as i was sayin, me and my new cat friend went and photo-shot a murder during the weekend, and i highly recomend staying creative through life´s ordeals, weather it be covid, man-flu or bad weather!.

thank you all for reading eythor and brandurs murder / photography blog. stay with us. and on that note, havae i told you about "the sylvan family secret" ... ? it´s something!

thank you all who read, i´ll try to be a better curator, as soon as my man-flu gets a little bit better!

original photography content made by and published for https://steemit.com/@eythor-photo 


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Photography - for education and enjoyment!
Photography - for education and enjoyment!

Hello evryone and welcome t my photography & visual arts blog. I welcome the opportunity to be able to share with you my faviorite photografs from my own collection, as well as maybe go back in history and take a look at some iconic photographs and try to go into a discussion on what it is, that makes a particular image "iconic". Even, what makes a photograph "good", what definitions are there, and how are they "flexible" since photography obviusly is an artform much rather than a scientific disipline.

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