Phonefarming ultimate guide - $180 a month passively! (The majority pays in BTC)

Phonefarming ultimate guide - $180 a month passively! (The majority pays in BTC)

Hey everyone, it’s Dan

Video explaining the basics!

Around 3 years there was something called Phone Farming, a way to make money with old phones. The idea was to use the phones to run advertisements for profit, but sadly a lot of those apps got shut down, and phone farming was gone, but not forever!

Recently, and my good friend LazyMoneyUk have been exploring the idea of it returning and giving it reassurance. And as that is the case, I’m proud to show you my PROFITABLE phone farm . In this article, I’m going to run you through everything, the costs, the apps, the earnings, and the sweet sweet PROFIT! AS well as show you why it’s still worth doing in 2021 and NOT just in the US!

So I’ve currently got 4 phones, three Moto G5 and one Nokia 3.1. I run four phones because I believe anything more wouldn’t be as cost-efficient, as only certain apps are worth running. These phones are all running android and need to run android to be profitable. These phones cost me a total of £72.59 or $97.03

It costs me around 18p or 20 cents to run these phones a day, with them charging 50% of the time.

So let’s get into these phones!

To start with these phones are all running Honey and Peer2Profit, these are data-sharing applications, which allow you to sell unused data and bandwidth which can run in the background. Honeygain can run on two devices on one IP, whilst Peer2profit can run on an unlimited amount devices. You can easily get started by signing up on there website by clicking the links in the description and downloading the APK from there sites. I currently make about 53p or $0.72 a day. Both pay in BTC


These phones are all running playtime rewards on a range of different platforms too. I’m currently running Cointiply, Cashbee, Ysense and Swagbucks Playtime Rewards. I have chosen these platforms as Cashbee, Yense and Swagbucks pay in full pennies, instead of a percent of one. The sites that pay a fraction of a penny, take too long to earn. I’ve also chosen Cointiply as I believe the platform is user-friendly and I’m trying to get more into crypto. Then download the apps from the google play store, and go there offer pages and you should be able to see playtime rewards there. Once it’s there choose a game, and start earning! Around these four phones, I make around £3.37 or $4.50. Cointiply and Cashbee pays in BTC, whilst Ysense and Swagbucks is Paypal


Tip! Cashbee pays out a bonus a day depending on how much you play! It can range from 0.03 euros to 5 euros

Following on from this I use Cryptotab. This is a browser that allows you to mine Satoshi (small amounts of bitcoin) on your phone. To get started to can sign up in the description, and you can download this via the google play store, there is either a free version or a paid version available. The Free version limits you to 300 Hashs a second, whilst the paid version is 1500 hashes. The more hashes the more money, as well as the paid version keeps mining for longer.. To start mine you have to complete a captcha, and then you’re off. I mine around £0.20 of BTC, or $0.28 a day. Cash-out to an external BTC wallet


Next I use the daily check in-app, Cashpiggy, to net 4 cents or 3p across the devices. This is such an easy task to do. You just download the app and then gain your daily bonus! Cash-out starts at 250 points which equals one dollar. But the more points you have the better value you'll get. They pay in Amazon Vouchers


Finally, I run Smores and My Robinhood as well!. So these apps pay you to “swipe up”, you can 10 cents a day per app, per phone per day. So I’m making $0.80 there, or £0.60. You can get started by downloading the apps from the google play store, the links are below! You can cash-out to amazon

My Robinhood:

So my current running costs are 18p or 20 cents, and my revenue is £4.82, which means my profit is £4.64 per day! Not bad for 4 phones which cost me £72. So that technically means I’ll pay these phones off in 20 days, which is a crazy ROI.

But why won’t I get more phones…. Simple answer is, I believe it’s not worth it, the profit will slowly start to curve off. I’m holding off until I find another app that pays in full pennies, I’m not going to invest in any more phones.

So what’s the end of the phone farm, thanks for watching! If you have any questions at all, just put them in the comments, and I’ll try and answer them to the best of my ability!


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