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So the trailer for The Batman has dropped...


Its interesting being a very old school nerd. One who was once bullied and beaten for holding a batman comic. Its like, Christopher Nolan made two movies and the world collectively decided thats what batman was. 

So what does the old school nerd think? 

Dark Knight is trash. Wait! let me explain my issues with this new movie and i think you will understand why i said that..

In order to really get across my feelings we actually need to back up LONG before the Nolan movies.

See batman isn't like most heroes. Batman is Human. Really think about that. YOU are human. Are YOU the same person you were 20 years ago? 10 years ago? heck even 5 years ago? Highly unlikely. See, batman is not 1 specific "be-all" incarnation of the character he is ALL OF THEM. Following the journey of batman from the 40's till now is ONE MANS life. How he grows, how he falls. Dont believe me? This is how Grant Morrison describes he wrote the character in the 90's. Yes he is the man RESPONSIBLE for these movies you watch. He brought omics back from the dead and made them mainstream and he didnt do this by focusing on batmans edge. oh no.

When Batman was first released to the public in the 40s he was ABSOLUTELY an edgelord. He dressed as a bat running around shooting people to death and was basically a psycho path. (Wait what? Yeah, not the batman you know right?) This is batman in his early 20's. See heres the thing, THAT version of batman scared the shit of a kid he was trying to protect. Bruce was basically chopped in half by that little boy. So he brings on Robin and the beautiful 60s stories happen. They do a bunch of druggs, thow polka-dots at people, Its magic. Batman is happy. Years go by, batman is pushing 30. Dick goes off to become his own man, and jason todd come around. Now we know what happens here right? Jason is beaten to death. Thus, birthing the 90's batman HORROR era.

(Starting to see the flaw with these movies?)

The Horror Era, brings bruce Tim Drake the best detective ever born to the DC universe, and with Tim, the era of Grant Morrison's "OPTIMUM BATMAN"

The optimum batman, and the one we all think about when talking about batman, is the SUM of all his bullshit. He GROWS, he is HUMAN. This is so god damn important too because as of 2006 Batman is a FATHER. He shoots people with a grapple hook, yes, however he is also the same man going on a double date with superman, ( if you havent read that issue you are not a fan of comics.), SAME dude carrying shark repellent. 

Im so mad about this lmao

The best examples of how batman SHOULD be are also the most shit on. Batman Brave and the Bold and Batfleck, being excellent examples. (BUT ITS A PROBLEM OF TONE CONSISTENCY THEO) Again, he is human. There is no reboots for humans, only growth. Do you know out of all the reboots, and multiverse changing events that happened, batmans history and run number have NEVER changed? all of it, ALL OF IT is his past, and ALL OF IT makes Batman who he is.

This is why im mad. Chris nolan came around and gave his "Real take on batman meehh blah blah im a dweeeeeb" Nah fuck that. Know whats not REALISTIC? SUPERMAN, FLASH, GREENLANTERN, MANHUNTER, this whole argument is straight bullshit. The only thing that makes him cool is cause he is human standing NEXT to these fucking GODS. His comics are heartbreaking, and terrifying BECAUSE we know his lighter goofier side, and his goofy side only works BECAUSE of the realism, and horror. 

Making the start of a character like this is fine but it HAS to go somewhere. Even you the public agree that the dark knight rises sucked you just dont know why. Because it shouldn't of happened. Thats all you can do with that character though cause you robbed him of his history and identity. So he becomes just christian bale at the end. 

Is this new movie going to suck? No. I dont believe that at all. However, please realise this is just the START of batman and not the end SUM of who batman is and will be. Thats Batflecks job.

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