Kucoin review 2022

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So today we’re talking about Kucoin. I used it for about 2 months and I think I can have a honest review now.

First I’m going to list you the pros and the cons of this platform and finally I’m going to give a 20% discount link if you want to try it by yourself 🙂

Pros and cons


  • It has a lot of crypto, and list new coins every week, so you have more chances to find the next hidden gem !


  • It has a trading bot option, which is useful if you want to trade 24/24 or if you want to DCA (Dollar cost averaging, i’ll make a tutorial on it 😉 automatically

1649336540956-copie.png?strip=info&quality=65&resize=948,812 1649336540948.jpg?strip=info&quality=65&resize=934,948

  • It requires no KYC (Know your customer-ID verification) to trade cryptocurrencies. It only requires ID verification to buy crypto ot if your volume trading (how much you trade per day) is more than 1 BTC
  • The customer support is very reactive and nice, and it also has a great community
  • The Kucoin earn option provides very good APR (Average percent return) on stablecoins


Cons :

  • The trading and withdrawal fees are very high, although you can reduce them by paying with their coin (KCS)
  • It’s an offshore exchange, so it’s unavailable in some countries, but you can also solve that by using a VPN

In conclusion it’s a great app to start trading and I recomment you to use it. In my opinion, it’s the best centralized exchange.

If you want to try it by yourself it by yourself, here is a 20% discount for buying crypto !

Try it now for 20% discount !   1649336571179-2.jpg?strip=info&quality=65&resize=948,640  

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