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Blockchain technology has kept on expanding without boundaries, and with its ever increasing opportunities that has helped to grow and advance various sectors in the world and not without its secure network that has been at the forefront. Nevertheless, IoT advocacy has never stopped growing as individuals and reputable organizations start using interconnected devices for easier data sharing. In spite of the fact that blochchain technology ameliorate IoT devices by protecting data and giving room for faster speed, blockchain smartphones are not yet widely available just yet and Tectone23 is here to solve that.

Has we have seen that a lot of telecommunication companies have been investing in incorporating blockchain technology with smartphones to give rise to decentralized devices which will lead to a revolution in that space. And so tectone23 has tapped into the adoption of blockchain technology and not leaving behind digital assets which is has become what the team has got a knack for and has been the driving force for great growth.

Devices that has been initially developed has only leveraged blockchain technology which in turn has made cryptocurrency more accessible, Tectone 23 has developed a platform that gives more and this will give rise to a blockchain smartphone advancing into as a way for users around the world to secure and control their personal data which gives more control to users.


About Tectone23

Interestingly Tectone23 is creating a extraordinary smartphone with built-in secure messaging application, a secure crypto wallet that has been professionally created or designed to without fear of assets stolen secure the storage of cryptocurrencies and digital assets stored on it and this will ease crypto-payments and properly facilitate the management of virtual assets, and an all in one Web 3.0 browser that will be develop to taste, making it the best you can find around. The developers of this extraordinary project are aiming to effectively bridge lapses between the blockchain economy and the market. Tectone23 aim to decentralize all apps, website, communications and data as well as provide users anywhere in the world with a native wallet which has been professionally designed to give contactless access to users private keys.

Tectone23 innovation is the professionally create a future of how users of this extraordinary project interact, transact and safely store their digital assets while also at the other side developing or creating a dominant interconnected community all over the world. The plan is to actively increase participation in the digital economy and widespread adoption of blockchain technology in the universe hereby lowering complexity and making sure that all barriers to entry and participation are been removed. This extra ordinary Tectone23 devices has been professionally invented to deliver matchless user experience considering the ease of using this products.

Amaizinly Tectone23 is creating a blockchain smartphone device that will ensure the wide adoption of a decentralized application. This extraordinary device will allow blockchain and the revolution of 5G technologies to aid DAPPS and ensure a smooth run on public and peer to peer tenets. The proper and smooth integration with 5G will give room for users control and secure their own data without any form of restriction on the volume of data consumed. And it is certain that this extraordinary integration will without doubts drive a surge in economic value.

Tectone23 platform aim with the waves of revolution is to makes sure that there is an inclusion for all crypto currency enthusiast, a proper network efficiency, user friendly apps and platform and much much more. Tectone23 wants to enable worldwide inclusion by effectively bringing people together from all spheres of life and revolutionize how users interact and effectively and safely store users digital assets. This will ensure a reduces difficulty with user experience with the decentralized smartphone blockchain and also make sure the development of the digital economy and they have done this in such a way that users of this extra ordinary platform are giving total control of their data and monetization.


The Tectone23 OS will run on completely bespoke mobile OS based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) with the ability to convert the smart phone into a desktop with a usb-c doc also an SDK for apps and games, the ability to disable apps and also the ability to create and mint NFTs on the platform a disaster recovery protection that requires users to enter recovery mode by holding specifying buttons on the smartphone, the ability to restore or reflash through SD Card, USB Stick and USB from a computer and also separates very small OS with the uninterrupted ability to connect to Tectone23 servers to download the image to reinstall the OS.

A Firmware updates is applied through SD Card, USB Stick or USB from a computer and integrated firmware downloader. Note the most of the updates on the platforms will definitely be incremental and only apply the changes. There will also be an Integrated terminal for GEEKS Neural engine, a revolutionary integrated SMS app that will enable messages to be sent via the internet without interruption ans also an Integrated Task Manager showing app resource usage which includes internet traffic, CPU, memory and storage. And will also be providing the ability to force close Personal hotspot, a well designed and efficient battery management allowing users to turn off background apps, location and other battery draining features, automatically switch 5G to 3G/4G when not in use, a dim display, lower refresh rate, throttle down the CPU and finally but not the least an Integrated support in phone in which customers can chat and send logs/debug to operators

The smart phone will ensure that the cryptographic keys will be safely stored on the device in a safe part of the processor that has been designed to just be accessed just by the user. Achieving this level of security by incorporating a multi-layered encryption that will have one cipher test, then users with different case will get a different level of data they decrypt their own keys with, biometric verification are also part of the security identification purpose and the user gets to safely authorize the release of personal details through the safe authorization keys. The Tectone23 device will give a multi layered and safe cyber protection continiously with the Tectone23 network security shield and a well detailed complete list of security features ranging from low level OS up to the application layer on the smart phone devices. Such a secure platform.

Tectone23 extraordinary devices will make use of the Matrix communication network that will enable instant messaging and allow for seamless communication across the network. Matrix network are interoperable which will give users uninterrupted access to chat with each other in the ecosystem.



Tectone23 will provide a platform for users and companies to interact with each other to simplify data-harvesting transaction wire cross implementation with decentralized data storage, but users would need to authorize data extraction rewards via setting. This will create a stable marketplace for user data as well as solid infrastructure for corporations to compete for data that will come from the required proof of authority should the user opt for this reward. Tectone23 has a lot of benefits such as limited supply, low latency, open source , master node low transactions etc




TECHT. is a utility token that fuels the Tectone23. ecosystem. Through the purchase and expansion of DAPPS, owners will have exclusive access to presales of tectone23 products before they are made available to the general public. It will initially be launched as an ERC20 token with the migration to the native chain happening once development work and beta testing has been completed.


Tectone. is being released to the public via an IEO to strengthen and diversify the community and build an even bigger base of supporters within the blockchain community. The network development and location will be used to find the continued development and operation of the Tectone23 platform.

Tectone23 has a built-in easy-to-use one letter that can be recognized as a secure vehicle for exchange and settlements between individuals or businesses without the need of third-party verification. It will enable biometric digital signatures to enable users to use their biometric information such as fingerprints and face ID to verify transactions and secure their wallet.


Tectone23 DAPP HUB is a web 3.0 decentralized store for any type of app and replaces the decentralized app store offered by Apple and Google. Tectone23 operating system will integrate a native blockchain API that allow users to download their favorite decentralized application and access them directly on their homepage rather than binned inside the wallet browser. Tectone23 DAPP will be run by the Tectone23 community with profits distributed to the developers according to the governance structure. The DAPP will be powered by TECHT tokens. The development token and project roadmap will have a 3 stage structure.


Tectone23 aims to produce a platform where consumers are offered the opportunity to monetize their data and secure their own digital identity and data via digital smartphone. The Tectone23 smartphone also provides the ability to convert into a desktop which gives consumers unparalleled ability to use their phone as their primary computer. Tectone23 is an open project with the goal of providing a long-term energy efficient cryptocurrency and blockchain smartphone with enhanced security features. With the world soon to go cashless and an environment where value is digital and a lot about to launch their cryptocurrency tokens, Tectone23 is providing the vision and commitment to blockchain adoption and development. I have written this has a sponsored article written for a bounty reward.


Website: https://tectone23.com

White-paper: https://tectone23.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/TecTone-Whitepaper-v1.0.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tectone23

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tectone23/

Telegram: https://t.me/Tectone23

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9UUpZE3iMugaObaXONwsZQ

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/u/Tectone23/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

Discord: https://discord.gg/tQnrZ3pR

Bounty0X Username: Fifunmi

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