The movies I watched this week were very bad

By PfewPfew | PfewPfew Random | 19 Jan 2022

Hi peeps, 

I did not watch a lot of movies this week as I was busy with work and watching sport events. Yet, I did manage to watch 2 full-length movies, 1 short and a documentary. 


The first movie of the week was Killer Stepmom (2022). I did not like this one, as the acting was bad and the steps of the story making were felt forced and thrown into it. There were some tense scenes though that could captivate my attention and the burglary scene was funny. More like an old nickelodeon film. 

I watched Blackfish (2013), a documentary about killer whales in captivity. It is mostly based around the story of Tilikum, a killer whale who in his lifetime in captivity was involved in 3 deadly incidents (killed 3 people is what I make from this). The main thing I get from the doc is that these killer whales are bored and taken away from the family life they normally live in the wild. Interesting was also that they have certain parts of brain that humans don’t have and I think it is smart that there now is a kind of regulation that trainers have to be behind barriers to work with these animals and not together with them in the water anymore. I think It would be much better if they were no longer held in captivity of course. It is much more fun to watch them in the wild than watch a show at SeaWorld or something like that. Interesting interviews with former trainers. 

The Amityville Uprising (2022): The acting in this movie was so bad that it became funny. It looks more like a school project than a real movie. Someone who puts way too much effort into his school projects though. The special effects were terrible hahaha. I think, no I'm sure that I can do these special effects better. Yet, this could be on purpose maybe haha. There were some good unexpecting scenes where someone got killed that I didn't see coming. The zombie acting was also not the worst. I have seen worse zombies in other movies. The one crawler zombie was the best.

Con Man denominator (2019): Someone recommended me to see this one and I don't know why.

Next week I probably will watch even fewer movies unless I have more free time than expected. The Australian Open is here so probably not. 

Bye bye


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