My earning report for the the Doge Click Bot on telegram

By PfewPfew | PfewPfew Random | 15 Sep 2020


Today I'll tell you about another great way to collect some free cryptocurrency with in particular Dogecoin (Doge). I'm speaking of the Doge click bot, this manner of earning I do while i'm watching a movie or during a quick toilet break. 

What is Doge click bot?

Doge click bot is a free to use bot on Telegram that pays in Doge for every group you join, advertisment you watch or bot you message. This bot is easy to setup and has a smooth design. With this bot you can very quickly collect and accumulate Doge but it is not passive you have to click a couple of times to succesfully complete a task to be rewarded with Doge. Every so often there is a captcha to make sure you are not cheating the system and are just a human.


How to earn with this bot?

With this bot it is very quick and easy to collect Doge. You can do this by 4 different methods:

  • Visiting sites 
  • message bots
  • joining chats
  • referrals (15% of each user's earnings that you refer)

Once opening the bot it speaks for itself and is easy to use and understand.

What are my earnings so far?

As of writing this post I do not have any referrals but I already made some nice amount of Doge:




Total amount earned: 62,03 Doge

Proof of withdrawal:




The withdraw limit of 4 Doge is very easy to reach. This is something that motivates me the most because in this way it is nice to see the doge dripping into my wallet and watch the total amount of doge go up very quickly without waiting a very very long time before the Doge are really mine. The fee to withdraw varies, in the beginning when I started using this bot there was no fee for withdrawing but now the most recent transactions the fee changed between 1 Doge; 0,1 Doge and 0,2 Doge which can make a huge difference. Maybe I have to find out when it is the best time to withdraw.

Other features of the doge click bot:

Another option besides withdrawing is using the earned Doge to buy traffic. You can buy traffic to a website but also telegram groups or your own bots and chats. This option can be very interesting to get a higher visitor count on your website, a higher number of members in your telegram groupchat or maybe it is a great option to get some referrals. I did not yet try this feature and thus cannot post my experience but it definitely seems interesting and maybe a nice option to check out in the future.


Besides the Doge click bot which is the main bot there are also other bots you can use:


I'm also checking out these other bots but allready found it much more difficult to reach the minimum withdraw limit. 


You can always join and use Doge click bot by using my Referral link Here

I would appreciate that very much xxx

You can check this out and maybe add it to your ways to collect some free crypto

Have a nice day everyone!!!


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