Brave Rewards and ETH Gas Fees

By rmsadkri | Personal Musings | 7 Sep 2020

It's payday again on Brave Browser. All the hardwork we have done for the month on Brave browser are rewarded on the 5th of the next month. In that sense, I always consider the 5th of the month as my BAT payday. 

I have my Uphold account connected to Brave rewards. The BAT I collect every month is not more than 10 in total. I have 58 BAT collected on my Uphold account so far. I am happy to keep my BAT on Uphold account as it is really expensive to transfer BAT from one wallet to another. Especially the amount you hold is significantly less. There is no point in paying more than 75% of the total payout in gas fees.

A twitter user shared a screenshot of a transaction where he paid 35 BAT in ETH gas fees while transferring 39.99 BAT. That is insane.


I would rather keep my BAT in Uphold account if this is the case.

@BraveSampson, who represents Brave and is super responsive on twitter responded to the user's tweet with a solution. He pointed out to a tweet from Uphold where they mentioned that if users are transferring more than 100 BAT then there is no network fee. This is great. If you are a true believer of the project, you HODL. If you want to transfer the token to elsewhere then wait until you accumulate enough BAT i.e. 100.

As you mentioned, ETH congestion/gas fees have become untenable, so we’re temporarily imposing the standard network fee for BAT withdrawals to mitigate the significant costs incurred in performing these transactions. If you withdraw more than 100 the network fee will be waived.


This is not an actual solution to the gas fees but one way to avoid them. 

In that case, I will keep collecting BAT. I am a HODLr. 


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