Bitcoin's Whitehouse Connection

By rmsadkri | Personal Musings | 17 Dec 2020

The White House is always powerful. Whether you and I believe or not, it is considered an epicenter of the global policies on all issues. The White House will be at the front and center of all global political discourses. Yes, Bitcoin and crypto too when it's mainstreamed enough (may be it already is).

The crypto community has this anarchist vibe to topple the traditional financial system and replace it with the new/alternative way of implementing monetary and financial policy. For many, a goal of Bitcoin is to replace the old, archaic, established monetary policy that gave birth to this expansionary debt based consumerist economy. The White House will definitely be involved in the process of that replacement unless a BTC revolution ousts the power from that center, which is highly unlikely. Another way to achieve that goal is to fill enough voices in the White House halls and rooms so that it is hard for the President to neglect those voices.

Things are happening and it seems there are two connections on either side of the aisle who will whisper the BTC tune to this new administration.


Cynthia Lummis

Cynthia Lummis is a Senator-elect from Wyoming who will be sworn-in in January 2021 in the House. She is the first senator in the US who announced publicly that she HODL bitcoin and is not selling anytime soon. She is a Republican and will be a voice to be involved in the national policy making process. It is a symbolic importance to have a senator who has publicly declared to own BTC. Nothing significant may happen with that piece of information but it will definitely make things simpler and calmer as BTC is getting into the household conversation. It will be beneficial to the crypto community to have someone in the political realm who understands the concept.

She recently joined Peter McCormack in a "What Bitcoin did" podcast episode. During the interview, she said

"bitcoin is a better store of value than paper money and she plans to teach Congress how to use it to reduce the national debt when she assumes office in January"

I personally think that she cannot do anything alone in the House. But her presence and speeches will definitely help raise awareness around crypto and BTC.

Having said that, a recent news piece quoted on Twitter suggests she is hiring her staff and she has included many names who are well known for their expertise on Crypto and Bitcoin. This could be the trigger everyone was looking for as Wyoming could be the fertile ground for crypto-investors and entrepreneurs.

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