$100 Experiment: Tech ETF vs Altcoin Performance Intro

By Mako Taco | Personal Finance | 20 Jan 2021

Hey fellow enthusiasts! I am waiting for my ID to be verified by Binance but when that is all set, I'll be investigating only $100 in exchanges I don't use for the sake of this experiment. I will be comparing ARKQ's performance to ADA, ZIL, and VET. Throughout the year, I will chronicle the progress. If I do decide to introduce DCA, it will only be $10 for each exchange biweekly. Why am I doing this? Well I want to surprise myself with how much both can grow with a small, limited budget. I am steadfast in the philosophy of "small steps lead to big results!" I'm partially doing this to share with colleagues, friends, etc to START INVESTING to be closer to financial freedom. The exchanges I am using are Binance.US for the altcoins and TD Ameritrade for the Tech ETF.

If you hold other assets other than crypto please feel free to share that in the comment section below!

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Mako Taco
Mako Taco

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Personal Finance
Personal Finance

Here's how I plan on handling my money.

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