What The #WAX

I'm talking about the WAX Blockchain.

I recently discovered the world of #NFTs, as I touched on in my last post. I have since gone a bit deeper to explore how the NFT ecosystem really works. And I must say, I am quite impressed with what I have found. And that is coming from someone who doesn't understand crypto.

I have a WAX wallet that allows me to collect, buy, and sell items on the wax Blockchain. There are a lot of hubs and marketplaces built for the WAX Blockchain so there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Right now everything I have played around with utilized the atomic hub marketplace. I can view my current NFTs easily and I can even list them if I want to. You just have to log in with your WAX address and thr atomic marketplace with do the rest.

I've only really had this wallet if mine active for a month now. But I have already began to build a small collection of items. One collection was gifted to me and are actual coins. I find this funny because they really does strike me as a real life collectible. The other collection I have consists of items I have mined within the game Alienworlds.io. This game has an idle clicker feel to it, and it is pretty passive to play in the background, so I decided to stick with it. Although it is not exciting and doesn't require much skill, I still find it addictive to collecting things within the game. It took me a while to understand how the game worked and what I was really doing when I was mining and what I should be doing with the items I was earning.




After digging through a few blog posts and watching a few video guides, I understood how to play the game and what I should be doing with my rewards. Just so I don't get too long winded, essentially you are able to turn your rewards into staking tokens within the game and the ecosystem. They can also be recognized in Alcor which means they can be swapped for WAX. Or you can use and WAX you can to buy this ingane token.

For me personally, I have decided to take the reward from the game and stake it back into the game itself. I am part of the BANANO and Crypto monKeys community and I am told that if I stake a certain amount, I can receive some very cool NFTs from their project. That is enough incentive for me to take part in staking!


There is a lot more behind the scene stuff that would take me a long time to go into. I touched the surface of what can be done on the wax Blockchain. I am currently just using it to store collectibles and hold exchangeable currency from blockchain games I am playing!

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