Revenue Credit In My 401(k)?

Revenue Credit

I guess I need to hit the books again because this is a term I haven't heard before. I'm used to dividends and capital gains distributions and even stock splits, but never a revenue credit.

I know the dividend schedule for the funds in my 401(k) and these times do not following them. Regardless, I am not upset because they DRIPd back into my account, so how can I be made?

For those that don't know, I only contribute up to the employer match into my 401(k). Everything else that happens from dividends and cap gains is just some extra cheddar on top!

I know this type of account is going to get scraped by Uncle Sam when. I go to retire, but I'd rather have some saving than no savings!

Anyway, here is to compounding money in a retirement account!




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Snarf, but with a hint of #crypto

Personal Finance and Investing
Personal Finance and Investing

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