Portfolio Recap - Wednesday - 1.22.2020

Portfolio Recap - Wednesday - 1.22.2020

I dropped the ball last night in regards to getting this post out as soon as the markets closed! For those that were waiting to see it (I don't think there are that many avid fans/followers yet) I sincerely apologize!

Yesterday I went into work on my day off from 2pm to 8pm so I was a little distracted. By the time I got home for the day I just wanted to crash and go to sleep!

But enough excuses, here is the recap for Wednesday!


M1 Finance

We almost broke $15,900 in the taxable portfolio. $T was out biggest winner for the day, but even so it was less than a 2% gain. Basically, a slow day for this portfolio. I have been thinking about stopping the funding into this account and just allowing the dividends to reinvest. It's to a size where it can honestly pump about $40-$50 back into itself naturally just from dividends alone. This strategy would help me free up some extra cash for day to day stuff. 


Worthy Bonds

We're still at 232 bonds in the account, but there are 2 bonds waiting to be processed and added. Once those go through we will have another .0026¢ each day. It doesn't seem like much but it really does add up over time! 



We finally had some more transactions fall in. Target and Kroger are always out largest transactions. We did a bit of shopping around this week so we will have a fair bit of these rewards flowing in over the next week or so. If we're gonna be buying stuff, we might as well get rewarded for it!


Tezos (XTZ)

I added more to this holding. I was able to pump about $50 into this token to speed up the rewards process a little bit. All the funds used to fuel this have been earned passively from surveys and other online endeavours. I have no yet used my hard earned cash to find any crypto project yet. I have also recently set up RoundlyX which will help me passively invest into Tezos over time.



No much change in value but I did discuss a few different techniques and strategies I will be trying to implement in the future. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below!


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Personal Finance and Investing

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