Portfolio Recap - Tuesday - 2.4.2020
Portfolio Recap - Tuesday - 2.4.2020

Another recovery day. Those that had Tesla are happy today! Sadly, I am not one of those people. BUT my portfolio did great today none the less. We only had one holding that was down by the end of the day. Every other holding saw an increase today.

M1 Finance

Out biggest winner was $CAT. If you remember from yesterday we were able to purchase some $CAT while it was down. Got in at a good time, so to speak. Our biggest loser was $PPL but it was such a small amount that I won't even bat an eye at it. 


Worthy Bonds

We have 2 bonds queued up to be purchased this week. Like I have said, this should hopefully be the mo the we reach $10 a month in interest. It's gonna be tough because February is such a short month, even with the extra day this year!



We had a lot of transactions fall in today. So many, actually, that they didn't all fit into the screenshot. I'm most excited about the $VZ dividend that fell in. Verizon used to pay out more in rewards back but they lowered it down. We got a decent amount of Verizon while it was more rewarding and my dividends are still reflecting that. Keep the compounding going!


Tezos (XTZ)

I got blessed from the Tezos Faucet today which is nice because Tezos has been on a bit of a run the last two days. I do not know how long it will last but I am not too concerned because I just like the 6.08% I am getting back on my tokens. 



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Personal Finance and Investing
Personal Finance and Investing

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