Portfolio Recap - Tuesday - 1.21.2020
Portfolio Recap - Tuesday - 1.21.2020

We started down for the day but as the day went on REITs really started to rise. So by the end of the day, I was in the green while the overall market seemed to have sunk slightly. 

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As you can see, $O, $GAIN and $IRM were the leaders in my taxable portfolio. They're all REITs, so the real estate market must have been doing well today. Also, $10 fell into my account and I was able to purchase more $PPL and $CAT.




I was able to put my Publish0x earnings into Tezos as well as try out the Tezos Faucet today. This gave me just slightly more Tezos power and my rewards are growing slightly faster from it! Every little bit helps!




I have decided to store my $BTC within BlockFi. I see no problem locking up all my Bitcoin for now. I don't actively invest into Bitcoin and everything in there has been earned via Pei and HoneyMiner. I might as well try to get a return if some sort on it!





Good day in the market, I've had 6 positive green days in a row now! Also, you may notice that Bumped and Worthy are not on here. That's simply because nothing has changed since the last recap, so I don't want to be too redundant with my posts.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments below!


Another millennial content creator that no one asked for. 😔 I REALLY like investing and personal finance. Let's talk about it! 🤑

Personal Finance and Investing
Personal Finance and Investing

I really enjoy talking about personal finance. I like to share my insights with others' as well as learning from others. I also like to share my financial and investing journey with other people.

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