Portfolio Recap - Monday - 2.3.2020
Portfolio Recap - Monday - 2.3.2020

The markets were still a bit down from the down days on Thursday and Friday. So we were able to see some value buys and recoveries today. 

M1 Finance 

I bought $25.18 worth of stocks today. It was split between $CAT and $MO. Both of those holdings were down today. 



Worthy Bonds

We were at $2.28 weekly interest last week. I believe we will hit $2.30 this week if we have two bonds fall in. This will also set us up nicely to earn $10 within a month. (May be hard to do in February since it is a shorter month...)



We didn't have any purchases fall in but we were able to maintain $250 in value. A quarter of $1000, is cool to say especially since it was all earned from rewards!




I like personal finance. 🤑 Looking to build and preserve wealth? 💰 Let's talk about it! 🗣️ #YouAreWorthy 🥚 #EarnWithWorthy 🥚 #WorthyAmbassador 🥚

Personal Finance and Investing
Personal Finance and Investing

I really enjoy talking about personal finance. I like to share my insights with others' as well as learning from others. I also like to share my financial and investing journey with other people.

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