Portfolio Purchases - Wednesday - 1.8.2020

Portfolio Purchases - Wednesday - 1.8.2020

I'm a day late on posting this, sorry! My plan was to capture some value by buying into the market on Wednesday morning because the markets were looking to be down. I had $24.38 and $8.08 fall into my account that I could use to invest. Well, the money through and I invested into the markets, but they markets sure weren't down! I'm not saying that I bought at all time highs, but they sure weren't lows!

This happens sometimes and that's fine. My strategy is to just keep buying and stay steady with my flow into the portfolio to get a good average over time. Buying on a consistent routine (for me, it's every Monday) is far less stressful than trying to "time the market" and capture value trades. If you know anything about the market you will hear people say this over and over again.

Anyway, as you can see I bought into 5 different companies today. $IRM, $CAT, $PPL, $NSC,and $MO.









(As always, if you're interested in using M1 Finance and my portfolio set up, you can use my referral link. During January we will both get $20! https://m1.finance/DZKrRfVig )

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Personal Finance and Investing

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