Portfolio Purchases - Wednesday - 1.22.2020
Portfolio Purchases - Wednesday - 1.22.2020

I'm a day late on this post as well, but to be fair, the transactions didn't appear until today! 

So I have another taxable portfolio that I have with Fidelity. It is in one of their Fidelity Go accounts. This one is not as large as my M1 Finance portfolio, but it is still a modest size. I share this with my wife and we are both able to add funds to it if/when we like. 

This portfolio is in a very conservative allocation that way it will always retain a somewhat consistent value and feed us decent dividend income over time. 

The unique thing about this portfolio is that it is now majorly funded through the use of our cash back rewards off our Fidelity Visa credit card. We are responsible with our card usage and pay it off every month. From this, we earn 2% cash back rewards. When we redeem the rewards it is turned into cash right back into our Fidelity account. From there I simply move it into this account for more investing! It's super passive and feels good that we are making use of our credit card in a smart and meaningful way. 

This time around, we had roughly $84 from credit card rewards to send over to this account. Below I will show what funds and how they were allocated for us!

  • $FDFIX purchased 1.419 shares for a total cost of $20.08.
  • $FUEMX purchased .531 shares for a total cost of $5.33.
  • $FUENX purchased 2.814 shares for a total cost of $29.41.
  • $FITFX purchased 1.753 shares for a total cost of $21.09.
  • $FLXSX purchased .435 shares for a total cost of $5.30.
  • $FLAPX purchased .229 shares for a total cost of $3.03.

Normally, I would include how many total shares I have within that certain holding but I also have these funds in my Roth IRA at Fidelity so it would give a bad representation. So for now, I'll just include the purchase size and how much it cost.

Thanks for checking out this post and following along on our journey. Hopefully this is fun and insightful for those that love data. And maybe it can give you an idea of how to leverage your credit card rewards!

Be sure to leave any comments concerns or questions below!


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Personal Finance and Investing
Personal Finance and Investing

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