MyCrypto Wallet VS. Atomic Wallet?

Which Wallet?

I've been using using Publish0x and collecting crypto since late January. I've learned a lot about where to store crypto and how to utilize it to build wealth and transfer funds. But lately I've been getting mixed signals about what wallet is best to store my earnings from.

I started out with MetaMask, but then Publish0x had a promotion for the Atomic Wallet so I took advantage of that. I currently hold about $40 worth of earnings in my Atomic wallet. 


But now I am seeing on the payment page that Publish0x is suggesting to use MyCrypto Wallet. 

So tell me, is switching between wallets a good idea or is it better to keep everything in one wallet? Gas fees are getting crazy to switch around wallets. 


What do you guys think? What is your strategy? 


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Snarf, but with a hint of #crypto

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Personal Finance and Investing

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